JpcaP-JAVA Data link layer control

2015-03-24 00:42    By:herui125      View:82      Download:0

The whole structure of JpcaP with wincap/libpcap is generally very similar, such as the NetworkInterface  class corresponding to the WINCAP typedef struct_ADAPTER ADAPTER getDeviceList (pcap_findalldevs)  corresponding to () etc..JpcaP actually is not a real to realize to contr...

Java Development Java

+Sharppcap ruijie heartbeats relay c # software

2014-12-12 19:04    By:yichengming527      View:14      Download:0

This is sharppcap developed ruijie heartbeat relay software, automatic take over sharp McNair function can remain online!...

工具 C#

Four-tank process pca fault detection

2015-04-10 12:19    By:dksyc      View:22      Download:0

Data sources for the MATLAB simulation for four-tank process, raw parameters literature also gives, solving differential equations with longgekutafa access to data. Fault detection using pca and Kpca respectively, and comparison is given....

Matlab Matlab

pca image fusion

2015-04-10 12:28    By:b545237988      View:47      Download:1

pca-based remote sensing image fusion Matlab program, a perfect run in Matlab 2011b...

Matlab Matlab

pca (Principal Component Analysis,pca)

2015-04-08 03:13    By:njwhat      View:179      Download:1

Principal component analysis (pca) is a statistical procedure that can find the principal factors among a set of possibly correlated variables. It can hit the very nature of things and make a complex task simple. The purpose of computing principal component is to project the high-dimensional data in...

Matlab Matlab

Gabor+pca for PalmPrint recognition

2015-04-15 04:49    By:shuaijiankun      View:75      Download:3

Use gabor+pca to identify the PalmPrint image, Gabor transform belongs to the windowed Fourier transform, Gabor functions can be used in the frequency domain extract relevant feature on different scales and in different directions. Gabor  filter is similar to the frequency and direction of huma...

Matlab Matlab

pca and pca algorithm

29 minutes ago    By:b545237988      View:38      Download:1

pca and pca algorithm...

Matlab Matlab

Improved version of pca face recognition algorithms

2015-04-05 05:33    By:liuqinglong110      View:62      Download:0

This is a method of human face recognition using pca practical AR library. Recognition rate is much higher than the normal pca. There AR library and corresponding code in my file. Run LiS_110402_AR_pca_rdm this file can....

Matlab Matlab

Two rapid implementation of pca algorithm

2015-03-29 07:14    By:redstars      View:48      Download:1

Principal component analyses (Principal Component Analysis,pca) is a statistical methods for mastering the principal contradiction, it can resolve the main influencing factors from the multiple things, revealing the essence of things, simplifying complex issues. Computing principal components design...

Algorithm C

Android pcap under static compile-lib library

2015-04-08 00:03    By:七月熙      View:18      Download:0

Android static JNI compiled of the pcap library, used to catch, and analysis. Versions for the libpcap version 0.9.8, compression bag requires 2 API header file, test has been passed, it is not submitted to the Android code under test, are interested can try....

Android C

pca+SVM face recognition systems using Matlab

2015-04-16 22:19    By:嘻哈啦啦啦啦      View:204      Download:11

MATLAB pca+SVM face recognition systems, dimensionality reduction using pca, classification using SVM, recognition rate is good. Codes were debugged and passed....

Matlab Matlab

Face recognition + Principal component analysis (pca)

17 hours ago    By:Alaa       View:41      Download:3

Recently, the pca has been extensively employed for face recognition algorithms. It is one of the most popular  representation methods for a face image The pca method is used for dimension reduction for linear discriminate  analysis (LDA), generating a new paradi...

Image Processing Matlab

Kpca codes

2015-03-11 08:12    By:cy2918789      View:56      Download:0

Kpca basic thought is the first low-dimensional nonlinear relationships between the variables in the input space by non-linear Mapping in the high-dimensional feature space, and take place in a high-dimensional feature space principal components analysis, evaluating data in non- On the linear princ...

Matlab Matlab

Face recognition using pca

2015-04-16 00:27      View:51      Download:0

In Matlab, face recognition using pca algorithm, divided into training and recognition phases. First train and dimension reduction operations, can then be used to identify test set...

Matlab Matlab

SvmpcaKnn procedures for data classification

2015-03-27 18:55    By:yubinyes      View:39      Download:2

Svm,pca,Knn the classification procedure, there is a little data, results can be run directly, these three programs are independent, Visual classifier to compare three different results, users can also find their own data....

Matlab Matlab

pca face recognition program (ORL face database)

2015-04-12 10:54    By:Jeiwaiy      View:88      Download:1

Simple pca face recognition programs, including the ORL face database operation, and does not need to be modified. Programs can export recognition rate. click on FaceRec to run the program directly, OPL face within the library and test sets, without changing the library path to the image, final outp...

Matlab Matlab

pca people Face identified Shi

2015-01-05 02:59    By:ch78928      View:22      Download:0

% A sample script, which shows the usage of functions, included in % pca-based face recognition system (Eigenface method) % % See also: CREATEDATABASE, EIGENFACECORE, RECOGNITION % Original version by Amir Hossein Omidvarnia, October 2007 clear all clc close all %You can custo...

Matlab Matlab

Kernel pca and Pre-Image Reconstruction

2015-04-08 09:42    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:63      Download:1

Principal component analysis (pca) is a popular tool for linear dimensionality reduction and feature extraction. Kernel pca is the nonlinear form of pca, which is promising in exposing the more complicated correlation between original high-dimensional features. In this paper, we first talk about the...

Matlab Matlab

pca and ICA Package

2015-03-27 12:41    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:27      Download:0

This package contains functions that implement Principal Component Analysis (pca) and its lesser known cousin, Independent Component Analysis (ICA). pca and ICA are implemented as functions in this package, and multiple examples are included to demonstrate their use. In pca, multi-dimens...

Matlab Matlab

Sharpcap-network caught

2015-04-06 07:58    By:zjweii      View:59      Download:0

Sharppcap is Tamir Gal specially for. Net development environment to write packet capture framework, it is perfect combination of core component Winpcap and Windows networking functions. The Assembly inherited Winpcap overtook Winpcap and it uses message mechanism, most vividly of the advantages of...

Socket C#

Face recognition SIFT_pca

2015-04-07 10:02    By:James      View:49      Download:1

United face recognition using pca and SIFT, SIFT the results obtained using pca extract as main ingredient, improves the algorithm of recognition rate, shortens time to identify. Training library using the ORL standard face, which each have 10 different face, 5 used to train, another 5 to identify....

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB implementation of kpca

2015-03-14 08:34    By:annethf      View:31      Download:1

Implement kernel principal component analysis using MATLAB and code with detailed comments for readers to understand. Is also good to learn Matlab code....

Algorithm Matlab


2014-12-13 11:25    By:tuan_pl      View:22      Download:0

function data_out = kernelpca_tutorial(data_in,num_dim) % % This function does principal component analysis (non-linear) on the given % data set using the Kernel trick % % Data_Out = kernelpca_tutorial(Data_in,Num_Dim) % % Data_in - Input data (d (dimensions) X N (# of points) % Num_Dim - Di...

GUI Matlab

2Dpca two-dimensional principal component analysis

2015-04-14 02:50    By:yqshhj      View:37      Download:2

2Dpca, that is, two-dimensional principal component analysis, as opposed to traditional pca (principal component analysis), reducing the 2Dpca in the two-dimensional image, no need to go into a dimension (vector)...

Matlab Matlab

hsi pca fuse matlab code

2015-04-10 06:00    By:xxhhzhw      View:165      Download:1

matlab code for image fusion, containing two methods: hsi and pca. Hsi transform and pca transform codes in more detail, and they are used for fusion of the two pictures, the effect is very good....

Image Processing Matlab

pca Based Face Recognition System Using ORL Database

52 minutes ago    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:259      Download:3

This package implements a well-known pca-based face recognition method, which is called 'Eigenface'. The program is easy to use. Furthermore, a sample Project file 'Projectpca.m' is added that demonstrate how to use, ORL training and test database is also included to show Performance comparison for...

Matlab Matlab

Weighted image fusion algorithm Matlab source code

2015-04-16 11:45    By:a2368699078      View:199      Download:2

加权图像融合算法的Matlab源代码,包括IHS,pca Fusion,主要运用在GSM中卫星图像处理,里面有例子图片,可以清晰的看见处理效果。...

Image Processing Matlab

Two-dimensional pca data dimension reduction

2014-11-18 12:25    By:dou      View:16      Download:0

Containing 100 randomly generated random numbers, get an original two-dimensional data, then calculate the covariance data matrix, two-dimensional data found in the principal directions, and dimensionality of the data....

Algorithm Matlab


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