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Russia blocks java source code

2015-04-28 01:24    By:用户名字      View:31      Download:0

Author: I Hua University the second computer science now study java, The online research think tank podcast Russia square, combined with network programming, Write an online Russia blocks. Through the socket to send data using c/s mode...

Java Development Java

Bluetooth using java

2015-09-23 07:08    By:senthilkrishna2008      View:43      Download:1

Sun java has introduced the Bluetooth JSR82 API package. The simplest protocol, RFCOMM, and send only string data between the devices....

Java Development Java

Content management written in java

2015-10-14 05:18    By:qpqp      View:92      Download:2

Worth seeing is the content management system written in java and based on javaEE5 plugin technology, Web content management software targeting high-end users, set content plans, content creation, content editing, content audits, template-based content publishing capabilities all in one, and provide...

Java Development Java

java hotel management system

2015-11-24 09:14      View:121      Download:0

java development of hotel management system, database using mysqlThere are configuration files that can be configured according to the...

Java Development Java

java multithread

2015-04-30 02:22    By:koun      View:15      Download:0

Use java multithreading to simulate traditional clock display that display hour, minute, seconds, clockwise for one thread, the minute hand is a thread, second hand as a thread through the thread to control to display the hours, minutes, seconds runs from the system to obtain the current time....

Java Development Java

Wechat public accounts framework app platform for the development of the public mode (java) SDK

2015-11-23 21:58    By:jaysoncn      View:872      Download:3

Here already contains an implementation of source code, and default. If you want to implement your own character customization, simply add one to your lib to the lib directory of the Web. Added to classPath the following increase a configuration and, MessageProcess...

Java Development Java

Message-oriented middleware based on java, support java,PHP client calls

2015-10-14 09:14    By:changjh      View:354      Download:0

Within an enterprise, involving the transmission of data between the different business, real time may cause blocking This middleware in order to solve this problem of lightweight products. When operational the transmission when it is not busy is real time effects, when the receiver is connec...

Java Development Java

Commonly used java programming examples

2015-11-16 23:05    By:congxiangxiang      View:54      Download:0

java good learning examples, examples include inserting records, query the database, creating and executing a thread, introduced the  java application, java applet are introduced, creating tables, taking the column names in the table, delete the table, delete the record change records, student...

Java Development Java

Enterprise communication system based on java source code

2015-10-05 11:26    By:lnsoftware      View:77      Download:1

This is an internal communication system based on java development, you can implement internal communications between staff, including email traffic and SMS traffic...

Java Development JSP

java Microphone Example

2015-07-30 22:05    By:tinska.h      View:18      Download:0

Shows how to access microphone in java.The Class is implemented as Runnable, so in order to run it:1. you can either implement Thread and call startOR2. you can directly call, which will block until stop flag has been raised....

Java Development Java


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