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iSLIP scheduler simulation C source code.

This is iSLIP scheduler simulation C source code. It was written in C language.  ...

scheduler scheduler

1)   super portability, almost any CPU language programming with CPU can be used to support C programming.! (this paper only takes 51 single chip microcomputer as an example, but can actually be arbitrarily transplanted).2)   small and small, the principle is very simple, a look at the.3)... schedule management source Calendar scheduling management

Calendar calendar Little brother is also beginner, find a lot of people need to schedule management system, official website after the Demo does not work well, so simple have changed Abandoned official website Demo EventEditWindow the edit view, layout of your Window, all of the operations have...

GA Class schedule

Here i'm enclosing a project of class scheduling that uses Genetic Algorithm to sort the class from clashing. The project have been tested and been included with a sample input for the reference....

Data Encryption Standard (DES) Key schedule

This code provides an implementation of the key schedule in Data Encryption Standard (DES), which is the algorithm that generates the sub-keys. • Input:  any string (64-bits length). • Output: the 16 sub-keys produced by the DES (48-bits length each). How to use it: 1. >> K...

Web Cam schedule Recorder

C sharp application 2010, This application is about using a webcam to capture video to a file (.avi). It also has the ability to schedule recording times to start the video capturing automatically. We can use any webcam and set all kinds of properties to use with the webcam like video size and...

NFC Type 2 Tag scheduler

Future NFC type 2 tag operation, provide the raw data read, write and debate show UID, the design delay Userboxes/Time, and distance can be custom actions, fast way to let the hand Reader 續 Agape Xie tag information in scheduled work, and right in line with this wish the tag NT IO interface or com...

Cpu scheduler

This code is used to simulate the processes of the cpu using the 4 most common scheduling processes ...

scheduler Task scheduler source code

scheduler task scheduler source, C language....

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