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fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Matlab - Lonngren & Savov

Electromagnetic Field Theory is one of the fundamental courses that an electrical and computer engineering student is required to take in order to gain a physical understanding of the foundations and the heritage of the field that will occupy his or her professional life for the several decades foll...

frequency counter program for pic16f887 using mikroC compiler

This program is written to read the frequency of the incoming input signal and display the value of the frequency in the LCD display. The timer is programmed in counter mode. The code is written for PIC16f887 controller as it has substancially large i/o modules integrated in it....

frequency offset effects in ofdm and ber (bit error rate)

This scripts finds the effects of frequency offset in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) and also plots the effect on bit error rate. A reference paper is also included....

frequency Meter

This program measure frequency of square wave connecting to a timer in atmega8 micro-controller The CODE is build in CODEVISION program There is a Simulation in PROTEUS for circuit...

frequency Counter by PIC16F628

roject Summary In this project we are building a basic and low cost frequency counter circuit . It can measure from 16Hz to 100Hz signals with a maximum amplitude of 15V. The sensitivity is high, the resolution is 0.01Hz. The input signal can be a sine, a square or a triangle waveform....

frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

In this project I have done simulation of frequency hopping spread spectrum in matlab. I have demonstrated how a frequency hoped signal will look like and all the necessary steps that are required to make a signal hopping from frequency to frequency. In a FHSS(frequency HOPPING SPREAD SPECTR...

A Two-Level 24-Pulse Voltage Source Converter with fundamental frequency Switching for HVDC System

 This project deals with the performance analysis of a two-level, 24-pulse Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) for High Voltage DC (HVDC) system for power quality improvement. A two level VSC is used to realize a 24-pulse converter with minimum switching loss by operating it at fundamental frequen...

frequency meter based on FPGA

Using a standard reference clock, in the unit of time such as 1S or pulse count the number of the signal to be measured, is the frequency, due to Gate's starting and ending times for the signal is random, there will be a pulse cycle of quantization error, further analysis of measurement accuracy. Di...

extraction of speech signal pitch

References: Cepstrum-Based Pitch Detection Using a New Statistical V/UV Classification Algorithm》 Based on Cepstral pitch extraction method....

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