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Easyui write the administrative permission system

53 minutes ago    By:bandly      View:113      Download:3

Rights management system, including users, roles, and user groups Databases, MySQL Develop framework for SSH Front Desk Framework Easyui Using Maven and other gadgets....

Web Framework Java


2014-11-26 16:15    By:lilia      View:65      Download:0

This program describes the control of PUMA robot using fuzzy logic controller in Simulink matlab. ...

Matlab Matlab

EasyFPGA030 example code

13 minutes ago    By:yfw      View:41      Download:0

This source code is the EasyFPGA030 example code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

verilog Verilog

Easyui&jqvalidate popups and data validation

2014-11-26 23:41    By:sj570552570      View:32      Download:0

Easyui&jqvalidate popups and data validation...

Java Development Java

fuzzy c-means image segmentation

7 hours ago    By:babywong      View:60      Download:0

Classic color on BGR space of fuzzy c-means image segmentation of images by Note: VS platform, you need to configure openCV Source image: The result image (specify color segmentation k=3)...

Image Processing C++

matlab code for cognitive FEMTOCELL

8 hours ago    By:allenzhang      View:174      Download:3

this code is for matlab simulation of cognitive femtocells, including the path loss computing, interference computing and cognitive femtocell's power allocation and so on....

Matlab Matlab

Guestbook code

14 hours ago    By:superrabbit      View:206674      Download:0

A JSP application achieve guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

Java Development Java

EasyGL is a platform-independent drawing package for X windows/ MS Windows

2014-11-26 00:35    By:ramz      View:191      Download:0

EasyGL is a graphics interface to X Windows, MS Windows and PostScript output that was designed to be Easy to use by those unfamiliar with X Windows, MS Windows and PostScript. It is also cross-platform compatible -- your graphics will work on any of those 3 platforms, without any changes to your co...

software C++


2014-11-27 17:12    By:weni      View:26      Download:0

fuzzy Logic system can control the actuators in order to run properly to regulate the temperature and humidity. In a fuzzy system, there are three processes, namely: fuzzyfication is this process serves to change an input analog scale becomes fuzzy. Rule evaluation is the process to find a f...

Matlab Matlab

fuzzy C means clustering algorithm

4 hours ago    By:ronger2130      View:266      Download:6

FCM Algorithm is an unsupervised learning method, select K As the number of clusters, N Samples were divided into K Class, and have greater similarity within classes, which have a smaller similarity between its Euclidean distance is used as a measure of similarity, that is, the smaller the distance...

Matlab Matlab

emialrouter autocountdown Easysplit module

2014-11-19 08:25    By:wentie126      View:17      Download:0

Thank you for purchasing this product from BooksWealth.com http://www.bookswealth.com/ You now have private label rights to this product. [YES] Can be sold for any price [YES] Can be given away [YES] Can Be Added To "Paid" Membership Sites [YES] Can be offered as a bonus [YES] Can put your na...

Web Framework JavaScript

Teacher roll-call system developed using Easyui plug-in

2014-11-27 00:51    By:jnny      View:65      Download:1

This is the teacher roll-call system, combined with the Easyui js plugin realizes data persistence with Hibernate and Struts2 logic control, spring IOC,AOP weak coupling....

Java Development Java

E-store system Struts2+jqueryEasyui

8 hours ago    By:ctz_131415      View:168      Download:1

E-commerce system based on Struts2+jqueryEasyui language development. Front office functions including: registration, login, merchandise display, and so on; back-office functions including: product management, user management, system settings, and more...

Java Development Java

fuzzy logic implementation

20 hours ago    By:noviceprogrammer      View:56      Download:0

simple fuzzy logic implementation in visual c++ it was downloaded from given url and i am not responsible for any violation for authors set of licence rules...

fuzzy Visual C++

Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in cognitive radio

8 hours ago    By:sayedhadisadeghi      View:88      Download:1

In this project, performance of cooperative spectrum sensing  with  an  improved  energy  detector  is  discussed.  Thecognitive radios (CRs) utilize an improved energy detector for taking a decision of the presence of the primary user (PU). Total probabi...

cognitive radio Matlab

fuzzy Rule-Based Classifier Design

2014-11-24 23:19    By:ma0526      View:34      Download:0

1. Introduction- Focus of the presentation- Brief introduction to evolutionary computation- Brief introduction to fuzzy rule-based classifiers2. Review of fuzzy Rule-Based System Research- fuzzy rules from human experts- Accuracy maximization- Interpretability improvement- Multiobjective approach3....

File PDF

fuzzy cluster analysis

2014-11-24 09:24    By:tracy      View:21      Download:0

fuzzy clustering is a class of algorithms for cluster analysis in which the allocation of data points to clusters is not "hard" (all-or-nothing) but "fuzzy" in the same sense as fuzzy logic....

Algorithm Matlab
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