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This a signal from the audio extract features parametric procedures, engaged in this regard, the comrades might reference! !...

audio analysis and perfect synthesis model

this code is teaching you how to analysis and synthesis the audio digital signal I use 2 method to implement, one is fft and the other one is mdct(TDAC) the basic idea is same with the AAC filterbank using the mdct transform...

gammatone filterbank

this matlab code generates a gammatone filterbank for audio processing to filter input speech signal to binaural microphone on a head to simulate inner ear and middle ear transfer function. ...

filterbank-Based Fingerprint Matching

With identity fraud in our society reaching unprecedented proportions and with an increasing emphasis on the emerging automatic personal identification applications, biometrics-based verification, especially fingerprint-based identification, is receiving a lot of attention. There are two major s...

Non-stationary time-frequency Toolbox. version 2.0

This is based on non-steady signal matlab toolbox developed to collect the various treatment methods  currently popular non-steady signal, the current program many of the latest signal processing methods  are generally required to run this package is based, for example: non-ste...

gammatone filter design

Application backgroundVarious design methods of   filter gammatone; gammatone filter design methods   gammatone filter design method  ...

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