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MATLAB-based research on time-frequency characteristics of two-dimensional gaussian low-pass filter and its application to mimic the point spread function (PSF:point spread function) in the application of image degradation modeling

2015-03-08 18:17    By:easycome2009      View:1140      Download:0

Use fspecial Function to generate a two-dimensional gaussian Low-pass filter, drawing its time-domain and  frequency-domain one, two and three dimensional graphics, understanding gaussian The temporal characteristics  of the filter ( PSF Model) and frequency-domain characterist...

Matlab Matlab

gaussian noise pulses

2014-11-25 00:12    By:zalak      View:6      Download:0

H.264 introduces two new features to ME, the VBSME and the sub-pixel accuracy motion estimation. The VBSME is carried out in two phases: integer motion estimation (IME) and fractional motion estimation (FME). In H.264, VP8 and other video codec, a 1616 sized macro-block can be further partitio...

Matlab Matlab

gaussian Mixture Model

2015-03-20 13:28    By:jeff      View:140      Download:0

gaussian Mixture Model matlab In statistics, a mixture model is a probabilistic model for representing the presence of subpopulations within an overall population, without requiring that an observed data set should identify the sub-population to which an individual observation belongs....

Matlab Matlab

This is a 3D visualization of how the Expectation Maximization algorithm learns a gaussian Mixture Model for 3-dimensional data.

2015-03-28 08:41    By:anqbllh      View:41722      Download:0

Traditional single particle reconstruction methods use either the Fourier or the delta function basis to represent the particle density map. We propose a more flexible algorithm that adaptively chooses the basis based on the data. Because the basis adapts to the data, the reconstructi...

Graph C


2015-02-26 07:56    By:lavanya      View:48      Download:0

close all; clear all clc; I = imread('lavender.jpg'); imshow(I),figure I = im2double(I); [index,map] = rgb2ind(I); pixels = prod(size(index)); hsv = rgb2hsv(map); h = hsv(:,1); s = hsv(:,2); v = hsv(:,3); %Finds location of black and white pixels darks = find(v < .2)'; lights = find...

Matlab Matlab

Eliminarea gaussiana

2014-11-19 17:46    By:cringalisa      View:17      Download:0

Eliminarea gaussiana este o tehnica pentru reducerea sistemului Ax = b la un sistem superior triunghiular echivalent...

Matlab Matlab

gaussian white noise generator

2015-03-18 23:39    By:feicw      View:99      Download:0

White gaussian noise: If a noise, its amplitude distribution gaussian distribution, and its power spectral density is  uniform, then called it a gaussian White noise. Thermal noise, shot noise is gaussian white noise. The so-called gaussian is the probability distribution of Ga...

Matlab C

plotting noise

2015-03-22 06:14    By:bha      View:12      Download:0

used to plot gaussian noise. these programs are used in the calculation of snr of a noise channel while transmitting a signal...

Communication Matlab

histogram calculation and display based on Leonardo da Vinci DM6437

2015-03-27 02:44    By:zyj666zyj      View:44      Download:0

Connect the computer and DSP emulator for all lab equipment is powered on, open the CCS3.3 and connect card. Plug the video cable connection Board input, connect the monitor inputs on the other side, turn to AV mode the display. Open the project histogramDiagram.pjt, compile, download and run. The f...

dsp C

Analog image influenced by gaussian white noise and impulse noise

2015-01-10 04:16    By:njwhat      View:14      Download:0

Analog image with gaussian white noise and impulse noise impact of program working out the correct results, I hope to help you....

Image Processing Matlab

gaussian filter source code

2015-01-29 07:02    By:A916211127      View:29      Download:0

The gaussian filter is a linear smoothing filter, suitable for removing gaussian noise, the noise reduction process widely used in image processing. Generally speaking, gaussian filter is the whole image is weighted average process, every pixel values is represented by its own and other pixel values...

Matlab Matlab

gaussian process regression

2015-03-13 08:54    By:mahes      View:34      Download:0

The program for gaussian processs regression and classification. Wonderful working programme. A simple one-dimensional regression exercise computed in two different ways: A noise-free case with a cubic correlation model A noisy case with a squared Euclidean cor...

Matlab Matlab

gaussian Mixture Cardinalized Probability Hypothesis Density Filter

2015-03-11 06:11    By:ahmed_mikaeil      View:38      Download:0

Particle filters or Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) methods are a set of on-line posterior density estimation algorithms that estimate the posterior density of the state-space by directly implementing the Bayesian recursion equations. SMC methods use a grid-based appr...

Matlab Matlab

histogram Equalization

2015-03-23 09:32    By:wxt      View:35      Download:1

int main() { char infilename[20]; char outfilename[20]; Printf ("Please enter image name: n"); scanf("%s",infilename); if( ReadInfo(infilename) ) { if(histogram()) { Printf ("Please enter the output image name and. bmp over n"); scanf("%s",outfilename); WriteToFile(outfilename); } } e...

图像处理 C


2015-01-02 11:28    By:dona      View:31      Download:0

Aim: To write MATLAB function forhistogram equalisation of an image using MATLAB function and without using MATLAB function Theory: The histogram of an image is a plot of the number of occurrences of gray levels in the image against the gray- level values. histogram equalization is a method in...

Image Processing Matlab
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