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This is a 3D visualization of how the Expectation Maximization algorithm learns a gaussian Mixture Model for 3-dimensional data.

Traditional single particle reconstruction methods use either the Fourier or the delta function basis to represent the particle density map. We propose a more flexible algorithm that adaptively chooses the basis based on the data. Because the basis adapts to the data, the reconstructi...

chirp signal and pulse conpress in SAR

This is in the use of synthetic aperture radar chirp signal generation and pulse compression code, written in MATLAB....

Eliminarea gaussiana

Eliminarea gaussiana este o tehnica pentru reducerea sistemului Ax = b la un sistem superior triunghiular echivalent...

gaussian Mixture Model

gaussian Mixture Model matlab In statistics, a mixture model is a probabilistic model for representing the presence of subpopulations within an overall population, without requiring that an observed data set should identify the sub-population to which an individual observation belongs....

pulse-code modulation

pulse-code modulation (PCM) is a digital representation of an analog signal where the magnitude of the signal is sampled regularly at uniform intervals, then quantized to a series of symbols in a digital (usually binary) code. PCM has been used in digital telephone systems and is also the standa...

gaussian mixture background model

By QT and OpenCV, using gaussian mixture model, read local video window, background modeling using gaussian mixture model. Mixture gaussian mixture model in the new opencv2.31 integrated shading....

gaussian pulse generator

Many ME algorithms have been described in the literature. The most accurate strategy is the Full Search (FS) algorithm, which by exhaustively comparing all positions in the search window, gives the most accurate motion vector which causes SAD to be minimum. On the other hand, fas...

MATLAB-based research on time-frequency characteristics of two-dimensional gaussian low-pass filter and its application to mimic the point spread function (PSF:point spread function) in the application of image degradation modeling

Use fspecial Function to generate a two-dimensional gaussian Low-pass filter, drawing its time-domain and  frequency-domain one, two and three dimensional graphics, understanding gaussian The temporal characteristics  of the filter ( PSF Model) and frequency-domain characterist...

On the Out-of-Band Radiation of DFT-based OFDM using pulse shaping

OFDM is one of the best physical-layer candidates for cognitive radio (CR) systems, but rectangular pulse shaping gives rise to large spectrum sidelobes and interferes with th licensed user on the adjacent band. In this paper, an approach is derived based on the signal continuity to measure the spec...

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