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Fractal visual c++

this program is a Fractal program this programm must working on visual c++ and windows 98 and xp and not working by win 7...

Tcl script to generate graph taking two parameter files as input .

X, Y coordinates points for the graph is generated randomly and put it in a trace file. The trace file is given as input file to xgraph to plot the graph. Here two trace files are plotted in the single graph. Point of each trace file will be differentiated in color....

Fractal generator

This is Fractal generator i created in c# with GUI working under windows. You can generate Fractals such as mandelbrot, julia and intresting buddhabrot, a planing to work more on it plus add generation of many other Fractals. What can you do?  -You can generate Fractals, change opti...

Guestbook code

A JSP application achieve guest book Guest book admin management JavaBean,Taglib, technology For JSP beginner to learn to use...

Blend images

A demo of very simple image manipulation using a Parallel.For loop.  The application allows the user to load up two images and blends them together into a single, new image.         ...

Fractal compression

Compiling this program requires gd2 development libraries (libgd2-dev on debian) and a c++ compiler (more likely than not g++). There is one part of the code (in the imageutils.cpp source file) that optionally uses the mersenne twister included in the header from C++ Technical Report 1 if the _...

generate random number in between 2 numbers

This application will generate random number in between 2 numbers. It will not generate out side of those numbers. The result of generated number is appears in green color in bigger size to see it. Here we have 2 text boxes to accept our numbers, one is smaller number and another o...

Fractali IFS

Fractal IFS generationsIFS Fractal construction by generating fuctiilor. Example of generation, and image contains generated program window....

Fractali Sierpinski

Construction by generating fuctiilor Sierpinski Fractals named after mathematician. Example of generation, and image contains generated program window....

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