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Matrix inversion algorithm

2015-11-14 01:07    By:djqzsd      View:90      Download:0

Engineering calculations will be used many times operational matrix, which is often inevitably involve matrix inversion, I have provided a matrix inversion algorithm can be used to verify the correctness of the actual matrix program....

Algorithm C++

Super-resolution algorithms based on analytic inversion

2015-10-09 04:32    By:shzhy13      View:75      Download:2

Simulation get four half-pixel difference between each low-resolution images, the use of analytic inversion algorithm to reconstruct a high-resolution images, belong to sub-pixel technology or super-resolution technology....

Image Processing Matlab

Linear inversion sphere model SVD algorithm

2015-10-09 04:32    By:Hansen      View:16      Download:0

SVD matrix singular value decomposition method, the linear inversion sphere model, top gun, receives at the bottom, the left gun, the right to receive. The 80 gun, each shot 80. Ray theory forward. SVD matrix singular value decomposition method, the linear inversion sphere model, top gun, receives a...

Matlab Matlab

Cuda implementation for matrix inversion

2015-11-10 22:11    By:lxlhh      View:133      Download:11

CUDA-based realization of matrix inversion function for This package contains a symmetric positive definit inverting a matrixusing a GPU. For usage, see the example in testspd.cpp.Also, general block matrix inversion through Gaussianelimination (without pivotting). See testge.cpp for example usage.N...

Parallel Computing C

2D inversion of IP packages

2015-10-12 07:44    By:zhshbai      View:21      Download:0

This package is the development of Polytechnic, polarizability of 2-dimensional resistivity inversion, mainly used for scientific research, can do a two-pole, three-pole, four-level symmetrical, Dipole-Dipole data inversion, using the finite difference method, forward, you can load the topographical...

Windows Kernel Fortran

The power inversion algorithm for GPS anti-jamming antenna simulation

2015-10-23 05:51    By:justargon      View:108      Download:0

Based on power inversion algorithm for GPS anti-jamming antenna simulation and Gaussian noise generation functions, convergence of LMS, MATLAB source code runs successfully, with good effect, it is also useful...

gps Matlab

Comparison of Wiener and the power inversion

2015-08-18 22:24    By:justargon      View:15      Download:0

Wiener filter and comparison of the power inversion, MATLAB source code, successful simulation ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .......

gps Matlab

Control Robot using PD and inversion Model

2015-11-12 00:12    By:Phucbk      View:9      Download:2

In this project we want to control a robot (3 degree of freedom) base on PD theory and Inverse model. Our expectation is controlling 3 theta angles in Robot arm following the referrence values (are defined)The referrence signals will be inputs of PD Controller and output of PD controller (u) is...

Matlab Matlab

Shipley method of matrix inversion full pivoting

2015-11-17 08:35    By:牖前洗凝脂      View:24      Download:0

Shipley law all principal components contain Shipley of matrix inversion method for inverse problems of...

Matlab Matlab


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