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Heightmap Generator using Elevation Data (Converts Hgt files into PNG)

2014-12-22 09:49    By:TopperDillon      View:47      Download:0

I developed this application to convert elevation data that was gathered during the Space Shuttle Radar Topology Mission (SRTM)  and that is stored in Hgt files into PNG files. These PNG files can be used in 3D-applications to generated an elevation mesh. These win...

Windows C

Simple gtK interface chat tools (Linux socket)

2014-12-25 03:23    By:rtttte      View:35      Download:0

Rationale:  1, based on gtK interface design. You can use the glade tool  2, C / S is applied to multi-threaded gtK thought, mainly to avoid accept, read, write blocking consideration. I'm still learning new ways.  3, note that if you are in the terminal compilation, remember plus...

Linux programming C

OpengtS Chinese language pack

2015-02-02 21:33    By:始皇后裔      View:17      Download:0

OpengtS ™ ("Open GPS Tracking System") is the first available open source project designed specifically to provide web-based GPS tracking services for a "fleet" of vehicles. To date, OpengtS ™ has been downloaded and put to use in over 110 countries around the world to track many 1000's of...

Web Framework Java

gtK/Glade three pointer analog clock

2014-12-07 04:10    By:Timorously      View:89      Download:0

The code runs space for linux, is based on gtk, glade library implementation, using a mathematical algorithm into a precise calculation. Coordinates are fixed, which is about 300 * 300. Of course, this can be used gtk rewritten. Incidental dial...

Linux programming C

Simple socket programming based on the gtK + in Linux

2015-02-11 01:59    By:cjp      View:41      Download:1

Under the linux system, based on a simple gtk + socket programming interface, to achieve the client and server-one communication, which contains  The complete source server and client side, but it is txt format files need to be copied to .c also did not provide the makefile  Plus...

Linux programming C

Simple socket communication, with gtk interface

2015-02-11 01:59    By:韩韩      View:23      Download:0

Simple socket communication interface using gtk made a  Operating environment: CentOS 6.0 32-bit systems which window client label is wrong, should show from server...

Linux programming C

Based gtM900C of Qtopia Phone SMS-style programming

2014-10-31 05:14    By:Gonsin      View:52      Download:0

The program is based on Qtopia2.2.0 style by right after the serial connection gtM900C modules can send text messages, make phone calls feature is completely independent design and development, welcome to download research and discussion, thank you!...

Embeded C++

Equals,length,trim,c language Toolkit

2014-11-22 14:17    By:guanhua      View:20      Download:0

Without the c library implementation of c language functions, it contains a length function, equals, and the trim function, and will gradually increase...

Algorithm C

Huawei gtM900C code

2014-12-21 15:23    By:jenslee2008      View:16      Download:0

#include "config.h" INT8U RBUF; INT8U TDAT,RDAT; INT8U TCNT,RCNT; INT8U TBIT,RBIT; BOOLEAN TING,RING; BOOLEAN TEND,REND; INT8U uc_rxdIndex,uc_rxdDealIndex; INT8U uc_uartBuf[UART_BUF_LEN]; INT8U uc_uartRecFifoLen; In the receive FIFO/* number */ BOOLEAN b_uartRecFifoFlag;...

Communication C++

gtM900_LPC2104_LWIP1.1_Source Code

2015-03-01 03:49    By:paopaoyu2014      View:99      Download:0

On another website quoting an article code, although he did not fully understand, but also tell the lwip Protocol children's shoes is a good reference. At the time of check out lwip documentation, enthusiastic people who have found here borrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Embeded C

gtK + programming under Linux – calculator

2015-02-17 14:27    By:any_123      View:37      Download:0

This is a simple calculator in Linux programming, welcome to download and try....

Linux programming C


2014-12-15 09:30    By:LJH      View:29      Download:0

This program was originally developed to easily edit the synonyms of OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Later, I wanted to make it compatible with Firefox and Thunderbird, after it was possible to edit the Dictionary. I had this idea because some time in the past I asked to the persons in charg...



2014-11-19 15:25    By:kevinfuck      View:20      Download:0

srthhrthrthr th et h eth eth et h erther he th erhe h e th eth et h e th...

Matlab ABAP

sgtiles website creation

2014-11-20 02:20    By:viki      View:11      Download:0

SG Tiles Parkwas started in December 2011 with an area of 400 sq.ft for distribution of ceramic tiles. By serving the customer’s needs and measuring the potentials of ceramic industry, SG Tiles Park went on an expansion with high velocity - brand wise, showroom wise and logistics wise. SG Tiles P...

SQL Server PHP
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