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gtk/Glade three pointer analog clock

2014-12-07 04:10    By:Timorously      View:89      Download:0

The code runs space for linux, is based on gtk, glade library implementation, using a mathematical algorithm into a precise calculation. Coordinates are fixed, which is about 300 * 300. Of course, this can be used gtk rewritten. Incidental dial...

Linux programming C


2015-01-13 00:41    By:michaeljohnson789      View:48      Download:0

Analogclock is a classic clock containing hour, minute, and second hands, with a circle of tick marks showing minutes and hours. A single solution contains versions for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone....

Windows C#

Simple gtk interface chat tools (Linux socket)

2014-12-25 03:23    By:rtttte      View:35      Download:0

Rationale:  1, based on gtk interface design. You can use the glade tool  2, C / S is applied to multi-threaded gtk thought, mainly to avoid accept, read, write blocking consideration. I'm still learning new ways.  3, note that if you are in the terminal compilation, remember plus...

Linux programming C

Simple socket programming based on the gtk + in Linux

2015-02-11 01:59    By:cjp      View:41      Download:1

Under the linux system, based on a simple gtk + socket programming interface, to achieve the client and server-one communication, which contains  The complete source server and client side, but it is txt format files need to be copied to .c also did not provide the makefile  Plus...

Linux programming C

Simple socket communication, with gtk interface

2015-02-11 01:59    By:韩韩      View:23      Download:0

Simple socket communication interface using gtk made a  Operating environment: CentOS 6.0 32-bit systems which window client label is wrong, should show from server...

Linux programming C

android clock

2015-02-23 14:22    By:人生如梦      View:37      Download:0

clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock, clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock, clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock,clock, clock,clock,clock,clo...

Java Development Java

gtk + programming under Linux – calculator

2015-02-17 14:27    By:any_123      View:37      Download:0

This is a simple calculator in Linux programming, welcome to download and try....

Linux programming C


2015-02-23 14:21    By:Dewdrops      View:48      Download:0

This is my clock project. "clock single LED with ATMEGA8". Led7seg created by Single-LED. it's very beautiful and brilliant. in this project also decode SONY remote control features to set the hour....

AVR micro Controler C

Qt to draw clock

2015-01-22 03:05    By:xiaojiu      View:23      Download:0

With Qt clock implementation of methods used, the camera can observe and implement all of the methods of education, Qt can be the next point, line, circle the realization of the displacement of the axis, painter and other elements to achieve, there will be no harvest in sight, Qt clock code, you're...

Image Processing C++

51 single-chip microcomputer's clock

2015-02-02 18:20    By:ybs1902      View:12      Download:0

LED clock by HT1632C 3208 clock 1302 LED driver IC for 1302 for HT1632 clock the whole design is simple and effective....

Embeded C

With vc + + MFC clock

2014-12-09 13:52    By:tierong      View:110      Download:0

#include "stdafx.h"#include"windows.h"#include "clock.h"#include "clockDlg.h"#include"math.h"#ifdef _DEBUG#define new DEBUG_NEW#undef THIS_FILEstatic char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;#endif//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////...

Windows C++

Digital clock

2015-01-15 06:52    By:mouly      View:93      Download:1

Here by we add digitalclock using PIC microcontroller , PIC 16f877a based digitalclock code along with gerber files,pcb ,simulation are uploaded . by using this digital timer we can send set any time and data format...

Embeded C

Linux gtk +-based instant messaging software

2015-01-17 00:50    By:夜星空。      View:27      Download:1

This source code is in the linux environment is based on gtk + and mysql write instant messaging software, can achieve the basic chat, add friends search, handling offline messaging, file transfer, Wink Send other functions....

Linux programming C

gtk +-based numerical calculator words-Linux

2015-01-17 20:25    By:holeeye      View:12      Download:0

The word gtk+ numerical calculator based on -linuxThe South China Agricultural University big three Linux course...

Linux programming Shell

FPGA digital clock display

2015-02-18 23:38    By:lcoliny      View:67      Download:0

FPGA clock display program, in accordance with the normal time, adjustable frequency, digital display, 00-00-00,-can be changed in the middle of it. Using a nested loop structure...

verilog VHDL

VHDL and verilog implementation of clock 20 and 50 and 10 and 30 Mhz generation

2015-01-22 19:19    By:bala      View:87      Download:1

fpga implemantaion of clock generation. if  i am working on 50 mhz clock generation i want to design clk counter with some clk 10mhz geneartion then what can i do for that one to implemneting 20mhz from 50mhz without using any ip core directly using coding tecniques we can imp...

Windows Verilog
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