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This is a c # how to use the listView control routines. Ready to compile the program. Compile and run, you will see a tree view, which is like a window Explorer, like interface. This implementation can be based on one of your own tasks. Development environment: Visual Studio 2008...

2013-09-27 08:11

linked list

Long multiplication of two numbers using linked lists...

2013-10-01 00:15

listCtrl control examples source code

listCtrl control instance for editing source code, user friendly. Language: VC++. Original ClistCtrl in contrast to write your own editlistctrl can be edited. Source code comments for more details....

xlist show

Xlist control libraries, you can easily create Windows toolbar space. This space with Windows programming, you can easily describe Windows space program. Really, really easy to use....

ClistCtrl redraw

* Class name: CMylistCtrl:public ClistCtrl * Class description: CMylistCtrl class is inherited from the ClistCtrl class, redraw the ClistCtrl class and the expansion of new features * Feature: you can set the row height of the list size * You can set the size column header row heig...

OpenGL MUST Project 1[Polyline Editor] use linked list of C++

#include <D:HomeworkOpenGLProject1GLUT 3.7glut.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include "point.h" /*draw line from the line array*/ void drawPointLine() { Node * temp; for (int i=0;i<Arraysize;i++) { temp=polylineArray[i]; glBeg...

2013-12-30 00:34

CGridlistCtrlEx - Grid Control Based on ClistCtrl

Microsoft's ClistCtrl has support for displaying data in a grid using the report style, but we have to make several changes to implement features like: Sorting Cell navigation and keyboard search Tooltips Hiding and showing columns Cell editing...

2014-09-02 23:08

Tcplistener and TcpClient, and socket getting started

Tcp listener and Tcp Client and TCP protocols for socket to achieve the double communication,  solved threads dealing with part of the book's errors....

listBox examples

Detailed trial instance of listBox, listBox add options, and divided into three parts, you can add options for  moving back and forth, clear...

2014-10-15 11:19

listView report printing module

Module Features: 1, can be on the page, tables and font settings, you can set the title and header, footer; 2, in a program set up a separate table for each printed page; 3, the support page preview and page zoom; 4, support the election page printing (temporarily not realized Print this page). view...

2014-10-31 21:41
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