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单片机常用子程序, 单片机常用子程序

Subroutine used single-chip, single-chip common subroutine, microcontroller used subroutine...


Microcontroller Programmer common subroutines, programming time can use a simple modification....

单片机编程的bcd码和hex码的互换,BCD2HEX 例子: c=BCD2HEX(0x255) //255 转成HEX为0xff c=HE...

microcontroller programming bcd yards and hex code swap BCD2HEX example : c = BCD2HEX (0x255)// 255 to HEX conversion c = 0xff hex2bcd (0xff)// 0xff conversion of 255 BCD...

51 single-chip computer commonly used subroutines

I upload the others to write, it is best not to download. See can. Including the hex compiler are inside, as long as keil copy and paste can be very simple.............. This is mainly a compilation in the document set can be...

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