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sumador 4bits de 2 numeros hexadecimales con resultado en decimal en un display de 7 segmentos verilog

2014-12-16 09:54    By:GutierrezDeVelasco      View:339      Download:0

Electric circuit modeled in Verilog that sums 2 numbers of 4 bits hexadecimals, converts the result to decimal and displays data on a 7 segmentation.  ...

verilog Verilog

C # segmented restructuring (segment/reassembly) Protocol

2015-03-25 10:25    By:sdfjlaksg      View:23      Download:1

The sender : Sender per received an upper-layer packet is located a unique serial number. Segment receive large messages, constructed S/R header REF_Ref371456073 h Diagram 1 below. Constructed after the header and data portion of the connection, ordered from fragments = 1 message sent, and set...

WinSock C#

3. Analog-to-Digital conversions using Vcc as a voltage reference

2015-03-03 00:27    By:kapok      View:594      Download:0

Ultimately, my goal with this chip is to sample some voltages and then relay that information to a computer (via the UART, which we now have running) and an LCD display. Now that the chip can talk to a computer we can start experimenting with the analog-to-digital converter. For experim...

CSharp C

Character conversion and copying

2014-11-19 17:00    By:Vera      View:8      Download:0

Designing experiment The experimental objective: (1) Proficiency in basic simple programming method (2) Familiar with assembly instructions for use (3) Familiar with program debugging method Experiment: String conversion and copying D a...

Assembly Language Matlab

assembly language to solve the eight Queens problem

2015-03-25 05:01    By:Betsy      View:67      Download:0

assembly language recursively solve the eight Queens problem, using stack space recursive algorithm. Recursive calls to the function---PlaceQueue...

Assembly Language ASM

Multiply two decimal numbers in experimental

2014-11-09 02:32    By:1078666091      View:70      Download:0

One. Experimental purposes 1. Mastering multiplication and loop command usage. 2. Built on the familiar with the PC machine, assembly, connection, commissioning and operation, eight thousand eighty eight-eight thousand eighty sixths assembly process.        II. Tes...

Assembly Language ASM

assembly Program For LCD

2015-01-29 14:32    By:Aladin       View:14      Download:0

This exemple of assembly program and i wish  some body how i can convert assembly to C , and i very preciate to all of you ...

Assembly Language ASM

Intermitent led's in assembly with HCS08SE8

2015-01-09 16:51    By:hninor      View:12      Download:1

This is a code in assembly language for the microcontroller HCS08SE8, this use the I/O ports to power- on and off a series of LED's. Besides, through the switches we controlled the sequences....

Assembly Language ASM

Complete works of assembly language

2015-03-21 05:27    By:bartonlee      View:61      Download:0

Very good, full resolution! Welcome to download ~ ~ ~ Very good, full resolution! Welcome to download ~ ~ ~ Very good, full resolution! Welcome to download ~ ~ ~ Very good, full resolution! Welcome to download ~ ~ ~ Very good, full resolution! Welcome to download ~ ~ ~...

Assembly Language C

decimal number conversion

2015-01-21 23:11    By:likeme      View:6      Download:0

you can easily convert binary numbers into decimal numbers. it helps you to enter 5 numbers in binary and then convert into decimal only accepts 0 and 1 when other number enter then it break up.it is easy to understand....

Java Development Java

conversion of number system

2014-12-26 05:54    By:lyk4411      View:19      Download:0

The source code is Binary, octal, decimal conversions ....

DataBase PL/SQL

assembly line scheduling with m lines and n stations

2015-02-28 09:49    By:binnasser2007@yahoo.com      View:11      Download:0

assembly line scheduling with m lines and n stations...

Algorithm Java

Element stiffness matrix and MATLAB plate assembly

2015-03-12 16:57    By:hyangcsu      View:44      Download:0

Compute 4-node element stiffness matrix of 8-DOF, and assembly programs assembled stiffness matrix of element stiffness matrix...

Matlab Matlab

MCU port settings 16 hexadecimal converter

2014-11-22 17:03    By:xiaoli03      View:12      Download:0

This program is using VB prepared of, main for single tablets machine development using, in single tablets machine development process in the, especially for early scholars for, often will configuration each port to control LED lamp of bright out or control digital tube of digital displayed, but oft...


Dec2Hex (decimal turn hex)

2014-12-15 02:15    By:sewin_wen      View:57      Download:0

/************************************************************** 函数名:Dec2Hex                                        *** Function: decimal turn hex *** Parameters: item list nodes** Return value:*...

Android C

VS project conversion gadget

2015-02-14 12:35    By:anysvc      View:28      Download:0

Based on a small tool written in c #, Visual Studio can be realized between project and a Visual Studio 2010 project 2008de conversion, you are also free to expand....

Windows C#

Matlab function that converts a positive decimal fraction to a binary fraction and vice versa

2015-01-15 00:26    By:ramz      View:112      Download:0

This functions Fr_dec2bin.m and Fr_bin2dec.m will convert a positive decimal system Fraction (dec) to Binary system Fraction (Fr_bin). Matlab itself has bin2dec.m and dec2bin.m, but there seems to be no standard Matlab function when fractions are involved. This function...

Matlab Matlab
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