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MATLAB training program (histogram matching)

2015-01-07 06:56    By:njwhat      View:86      Download:0

MATLAB training program (histogram matching) histogram matching, or called a histogram specification can, is according to the given image histogram the histogram to be mapped, so that the new image histogram of distribution are similar to a given function. Total has the following steps: 1. functions...

Matlab Matlab

Blend images

2015-02-28 19:42    By:simon_xzm      View:28      Download:0

A demo of very simple image manipulation using a Parallel.For loop.  The application allows the user to load up two images and blends them together into a single, new image.         ...

Parallel Computing C#

Convert color images to grayscale images in the OpenMP+Cuda accelerated video, extraction of video image edge

2014-12-22 09:35    By:liuzhan      View:1070      Download:0

Objective: to speed up video converting color images to grayscale images, extraction of edges in video images. Development environment: Windows 8.1 x64 OS   vs2012 cuda5.5  opencv2.4.8 hardware:NVIDIA  GeForce GT 740M, 4G RAM, Intel (r) Core (TM) i5-4200MCPU @2.50GHz need to conf...

Parallel Computing C++


2015-02-26 07:56    By:lavanya      View:48      Download:0

close all; clear all clc; I = imread('lavender.jpg'); imshow(I),figure I = im2double(I); [index,map] = rgb2ind(I); pixels = prod(size(index)); hsv = rgb2hsv(map); h = hsv(:,1); s = hsv(:,2); v = hsv(:,3); %Finds location of black and white pixels darks = find(v < .2)'; lights = find...

Matlab Matlab

stereo matching code

2015-03-02 22:54    By:qingqingzjin      View:104      Download:1

This is a stereo matching full code under MATLAB, comes from a University abroad routine contains detailed. m file and cross compiling cpp and h files, suitable for carefully studying specific algorithms...

Image Processing Matlab

Match histograms

2015-02-10 04:09    By:ravi      View:22      Download:1

Used to compare two histograms of input/query images.the histogram of a database image will be compared with the histogram of input image and if a match is found both the images are appended using the imappend command ..this can be helpful in comparing two images in american sign language recognitio...

GUI Matlab

histogram calculation and display based on Leonardo da Vinci DM6437

2015-01-27 02:42    By:zyj666zyj      View:42      Download:0

Connect the computer and DSP emulator for all lab equipment is powered on, open the CCS3.3 and connect card. Plug the video cable connection Board input, connect the monitor inputs on the other side, turn to AV mode the display. Open the project histogramDiagram.pjt, compile, download and run. The f...

dsp C


13 hours ago    By:shmm91      View:67      Download:1

This paper (and accompanying MATLAB source code) is a review of the block matching algorithms used for motion estimation in video compression. It implements and compares 7 different types of block matching algorithms that range from the very basic Exhaustive Search to the recent fast adaptive algori...

Matlab Matlab

Segmenting images and triangular meshes using methods of algebraic topology

2015-01-26 03:57    By:domi      View:21      Download:0

My task was to get acquainted with image and mesh segmentation algorithms that use algebraic topology. Algebraic topology examines the topology of spaces by studying abstract algebraic structures, while Morse theory constructs the space sequentially, taking note of changes in its topology....

Image Processing C++

histogram comparison

2015-02-05 19:29    By:monkey131499      View:40      Download:1

histogram contrast achieve two images, the use of four ways to calculate the reference map and target map similarity, one of the most commonly used is pasteurized distance calls opencv histogram comparison class, directly implement calculations, pay attention to get Pap distance the smaller the valu...

Java Development Java


2015-01-02 11:28    By:dona      View:31      Download:0

Aim: To write MATLAB function forhistogram equalisation of an image using MATLAB function and without using MATLAB function Theory: The histogram of an image is a plot of the number of occurrences of gray levels in the image against the gray- level values. histogram equalization is a method in...

Image Processing Matlab

histogram thresholding based quantization

2015-01-27 15:59    By:sat      View:36      Download:1

I'm doing my project in image processing domain. The title is efficient color quantization based on generic roughness measure. and I have completed the first existing approach present in my base paper that is histogram thresholding based quantization.... steps, 1.read the ima...

Matlab Matlab

Stereo Image matching

2015-01-30 04:10    By:secepatkurakura      View:16      Download:0

This function performs the computationally expensive step of mathing two rectified and undistorted stereo images. the output is a dense disparity map. if camera parameters are known, this allows forthree dimensional reconstruction. Two graphical user interfaces demonstrate the algorithm....

Image Processing Matlab

histogram Equalization

2015-01-18 15:28    By:wxt      View:34      Download:1

int main() { char infilename[20]; char outfilename[20]; Printf ("Please enter image name: n"); scanf("%s",infilename); if( ReadInfo(infilename) ) { if(histogram()) { Printf ("Please enter the output image name and. bmp over n"); scanf("%s",outfilename); WriteToFile(outfilename); } } e...

图像处理 C
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