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socket send and receive in VC

2015-02-26 22:39    By:zcnc      View:102      Download:1

socket of the console development, to learn socket is not bad, send and receive all....

Socket C++

Delphi hook Lib x86/x64

2015-03-24 04:01    By:7xcode      View:239      Download:7

Universal hook library. Support X86 and X64. Using open source BeaEngine disassemble engines. benefits of BeaEngine can be compiled with BCB into OMF format Obj, Were linked to Delphi's DCU and the destination file ... does not require additional DLL....

Hook Delphi

Multi-threaded ClientServer socket Class

2015-03-15 22:31    By:shengfang666      View:90      Download:0

A socket class function is perfect, you can use network programming with the WINDOWS platform, provides many important API interface that encapsulates most of the frequently used functions for network programming. Which mainly consists of two classes, address classes as well as sockets class....

Socket C++


2015-01-29 09:23    By:siuis      View:26      Download:0

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <arpa/inet.h> #include "Practical.h" static const char *IN6ADDR_ALLNODES = "FF02::1"; // v6 addr not built in int main(int argc, char *a...

Socket C

socket programming file upload

2015-03-17 04:13    By:pcyue      View:52      Download:0

This is a socket programming examples. Server-side listening on the specified port to accept Client-side connection request. Client by sending a connect request to establish socket connection, and then send a simple file to the Server and Server-side, Server accepts the specified directory is stored...

Socket C

APIhook intercept CreateProcess function block to start the application

2015-03-20 10:09    By:joker11111      View:106      Download:2

Use APIhook intercept CreateProcess function to achieve the purpose of intercepting start the application. When you run a program, will pop up a message "CreateProcess". Prove that the application has been blocked....

Hook Delphi

MFC socket program written

2015-03-03 01:51    By:开发者      View:63      Download:1

This is a socket using MFC program, you can achieve the basic communication. very suitable new reference Communicate the program only on a single machine, because the IP of my server IP is the loop. Can implement multiple client programs communicate through ports to identify the client,...

Socket Visual C++


2015-03-26 02:58    By:云飞      View:132      Download:3

Is a program written in cocos2d and socket socket, can communicate, cocos2d is more popular recently, you can do a lot of special effects, and it is an open source free engine, very good. Recommended!...

Socket C++

VC++MFC TCP_socket simple TCP transport protocol, you can add you on this extended features like

2015-02-28 04:08    By:xzy6218372      View:348      Download:1

I have written the most simple TCP_socket transfer protocols, helps Beginners learn socket programming, a glimpse into the mysteries of the socket! I hope all of you to help!...

Socket C

socket Communications files for the sample files

2015-01-22 02:54    By:cjco      View:49      Download:0

socket communication Java language program, allowing users to make socket structure of text communication with CSC for text communication methods, comments written in detail. For the uninitiated, a great reference value. Hope to get CodeForge.cn the review as soon as possible....

Socket通信Java开发 Java

Wince socket VC++ communication source code

2015-03-26 19:25    By:ben      View:77      Download:2

Perfect WinCE client-side and server-side socket Communications VC++ source code....

Socket C++

IM under Linux socket code, no interface

2015-03-16 23:36    By:1243146638      View:95      Download:1

Linux, socket socket client and workflow server, written in a chat room. Can be in a room with other people to  talk to and show room number, time and ip address....

Socket C

Based on TCP socket communication

2015-02-04 03:43    By:yamier      View:64      Download:1

Based on TCP socket communication, c language, the development environment is VC6.0. Contains the server and client, and instructions for use in the compression package....

Socket C

TcpListener and TcpClient, and socket getting started

2015-03-26 22:08    By:kingdalai      View:61      Download:2

Tcp Listener and Tcp Client and TCP protocols for socket to achieve the double communication,  solved threads dealing with part of the book's errors....

Socket C#

socket chat

2015-03-07 17:58    By:西西里      View:74      Download:0

利用 socket Write chat program Windows socket And the basic concepts of socket socket, the handle is a pointer to the transport provider. Win32 , socket is different from the file descriptor, so it is a separate type-socket. Windows sockets description defines a Microsoft...

Socket C#

socket client program

2014-11-26 22:20    By:yzc      View:31      Download:0

socket communications client testing. Test procedure for a second and enjoy a cartoon written, Server pipeline system socket...

Socket C++

linux socket connect tools

2015-03-16 23:36    By:stank      View:47      Download:0

Using TCP/IP client-server source code debugging tool under Linux, using socket socket counts, multiple connections...

Socket C
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