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hostel management system

52 minutes ago    By:sango      View:20      Download:0

project name: STUDENT hostel managementThis project is based on providing the college's hostel informaton to he students who want to seek admission.This website also gives a glimpse of college like about the current news,updates,amendments made, etc.this website is wholesolelly based on PHP.Its uses...

Hook PHP

Railway mini project in VB

2014-11-27 08:54    By:pranay14      View:71      Download:0

This is code for railway reservation system in VB6.0  This is good system for mini project system....

software VB

online libraly management system

44 minutes ago    By:kimm      View:115      Download:0

a library management system that allows booking and lending of books...it also fines the students who extend the deadline of submission...

Windows ASP/ASPX


6 hours ago    By:EyreFree      View:65      Download:0

Student Information management system,C#;Add, delete, change, check, file operations, original;...

CSharp C#

Team management system

2014-11-27 06:40    By:sarfoos      View:17      Download:0

The aim of this project is toefficiently manage the teams and other information regarding the season’splayoff, providing easy access to get maximum details. There is lots of sporting extravaganza going on like nfl, ipl, world cups etc. The roster management system intends to to exploit t...

Windows ASP/ASPX

Dream project management system, a new generation of Chinese BUG management system

2 hours ago    By:一跃而过      View:159      Download:0

The new generation of Chinese BUG management systems available it!          From "Dream win Technology" and "Ninth Five Internet" to create a joint - Dream project management  system (ie BUG management system), the system is based on a completely open sour...

Web Framework PHP

Complete hotel management system JSP exjs

2014-11-27 20:12    By:suifengloved      View:162      Download:1

(1) the resources completely open: all system resources and features under user control, and access control to the button for different users, assemble a different interface, assigning different functions. don't trust to add permissions to the button. (2) systems outstanding marketing, bookin...

Java Development JSP

project management system

2014-11-20 12:45    By:sushil      View:28      Download:0

project management system is used to handle all functionality of running project in an organization. this system have the feartuere to assign project to lot of  team members can track all memeber activity project management system is used to handle all functionality of running project in an o...

Windows C#

Bank management system

10 hours ago    By:vijaythesoldier      View:103      Download:0

 project Bank management system in C programming Bank management system project is design and programmed by Ravi Agrawal, Sagar Sharma and Sawal Maskey student of IOE as a first year mini project in c. This program may not be used as a Banking software but programmer tries to i...

Windows C

HOSPITAL management system using ASP.net

5 hours ago    By:ajith.joseph510      View:2112      Download:9

HOSPITAL management system Description:                            The hospital management software is excellent software in the hospital management field...

SQL Server C#

Winner permission management system for next-generation Web application development tool

2014-11-27 00:59    By:一跃而过      View:1167      Download:0

Function introduction Winner permission management system (also known as: Victor permission management system) is a Web based system developed on PHP+Mysql, the system built-in user management, group management, Department management, and the system is also able to be opened subsidiaries, w...

Web Framework PHP

Hotel management system

1 hours ago    By:Marc      View:248      Download:1

This Hotel management system suites all task regarding hotel customer services.Basically stores customer's information, monitor's check-in and check-out time, monitor's food chargers and extra charges, records all food type ordered and it also room reservation for a certain guest....

Java Development Java

Hospital management system

5 hours ago    By:swa      View:230      Download:3

 Hospital management system provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability. HMS is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable ben...

Java Development JSP

Library management system project

52 minutes ago    By:sandeep      View:131      Download:0

The project titled Library management system is Library management software for monitoring and controlling the transactions  in a library. The project is developed in java, which mainly focuses on basic operations in a library like adding new member,  new books, and updati...

Java Development Java

student management system

7 hours ago    By:fyy      View:36      Download:0

TASK 03 ARCHITECTURE PLAN File handling in C++ File handling is an unmanaged resource in your application system. It is outside your application domain (unmanaged resource). It is not managed by CLR; Data is stored in two ways, persistent and non-persistent ma...

software C++
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