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2015-03-14 10:11    By:helmimukti      View:54      Download:2

<!-- Article Starts --> This article demonstrate how to write an ASCII DXF files. A DXF file is a file composed of sections and associated values. They are read by AutoCad and then converted to a drawing. I have developped a class CDxf to write a DXF file from an application. Then...

Windows C++

Using DirectShow convert Wav files to MP3 or other formats

2014-12-30 22:36    By:yangyangguang2      View:150      Download:1

Describes how to use the DirectShow API for simple audio transformations, especially the WAV to MP3 conversion. DirectShow API in the three types of audio codecs: native codecs and ACM codecs and DMO (DirectX Media objects) codec. There are only a handful of native audio codec audio compres...

c++ C++

DirectShow audio samples

2015-02-16 21:59    By:breeze505      View:70      Download:1

DirectShow audio samples: using the DirectShow library for audio capture/recording, very good code as a  separate module can easily be ported to other projects, Share this with you....

Audio C++

DirectShow Development Guide, pdf books and source code

3 hours ago    By:waangyan      View:156      Download:0

Lu Qiming, DirectShow development guide. Including PDF books as well as the original attached source code. A certain foundation in personal opinion, this book is suitable for readers reference....

DirectShow C++

file explorer with copy and paste function using Microsoft visual Studio C#

2014-12-18 02:46    By:superwayne      View:218      Download:0

The code is to create a simple file explorer GUI using Microsoft visual Studio. The file explorer uses the inherent classes of visual studio, and performs simple file management operations such as copy, paste, rename and delete functions....

File C#

DirectShow source code

2015-03-17 09:30    By:ljandlove      View:82      Download:0

Directshow source code, including the camera, players, filters, online video and other source code,  there are people in need can be downloaded...

Windows C++

Source codes of how Development Guide>

2014-12-04 16:03    By:少少蜂萌      View:29      Download:0

Book based on DirectX SDK version 9.0, content covers virtually all aspects of C++ programming on the Windows platform using DirectShow. The book is divided into 4 sections. 1th part introduces the basics of DirectShow. 2nd part focuses on the development of Filter, as well as the development of Dir...

book C++

getWord development source code

2015-03-18 15:38    By:dragonxsl      View:31      Download:0

Sample code gets the text from the screen, VB, c #, C++, Delphi7 An example of using getWord controls, it is very convenient to get the mouse on the text from the screen, can be used in many ways, Has great reference value, 。...

Windows C++

getExtendedAttributes and InitializeReportForID work from Win 2000

2015-03-01 18:51    By:dthaidng      View:132      Download:0

1.0.34 introduces several Windows version dependent methods. getExtendedAttributes and InitializeReportForID work from Win 2000 on whereas getInputReport and SetOutputReport work from Wiin XP on. The component still works in Win 9x, but the new methods simply fail. To make that possible HID....

Disk Tools Delphi

Wget-1.11.4.rar source code

2014-12-01 01:33    By:怀宇      View:10      Download:0

Wget-1.11.4 support downloads, support for FTP and HTTP downloads, support batch download and selective downloads, code streamlined and easy...

Linux programming C

wxwidgets equation solver

2014-12-15 21:27    By:diki      View:20      Download:0

wxwidgets program wich solves linear equations using the qauß algorithm up to 26 variables. The program will run in windows and linux....

math C++

Crazyfile four-axle codes

2015-03-29 20:37    By:bahanzo1      View:111      Download:3

Full  crazyfile  code,  contains four shaft drive and the whole four-axis attitude calculation algorithm .                              &nbs...

Driver Development C

visual + senior C++ network programming examples source code

2015-01-02 10:22    By:zsl461975543      View:30      Download:0

Senior visual c++ network programming guide, instruct you how to use networking technologies, network communication, which contains a detailed comments and code examples, easy to understand language to describe procedures for network programming, allowing readers to benefit from!...

Windows Kernel C++

Android+ weather forecasts plus widget source

2015-03-24 09:52    By:940614030@qq.com      View:41      Download:1

Add Android+ weather forecast widget source, add Android+ weather forecast widget add add widget source Android+ source vAndroid+ the weather forecast the weather forecast widget source...

Android Java

visual Basic 6.0 application programming in 150 cases

2015-01-10 20:47    By:wuzhongwen      View:86      Download:0

"visual Basic 6.0 application programming 150 cases" in the "Example095- media file browser" and "Example096- playlists media file" requires Windows Media Player 9.0's support during the operation, the reader install it yourself.Example001- hang-upsExample002- transluce...

Algorithm VB

Based on OpenCV and VC, and DirectShow for camera to capture video examples

2015-03-22 21:33    By:realicer      View:312      Download:3

Based on OpenCV and VC, and DirectShow for camera to capture video examples, and do not need to install DirectX SDK...

Image Processing Visual C++

audionet Device Driver (WDM)

2015-01-27 04:29    By:syamkumar      View:29      Download:0

===== audionet ===== The goal of audionet is transparently networked audio interfaces primarily for Windows. It is based arround a windows audio driver supporting multiple audio streaming procotols: - raw PCM streaming - RAOP or Airtunes 2 (in planning) Installation ------------...

Driver Development Visual C++

Backtracking method to solve the N c + + source code (visual Stdio2010 environment test pass

2014-12-12 03:03    By:wz1229      View:7      Download:0

#include#include#include#includeusing namespace std;class Queen{  friend int nQueen (int);private:  bool Place (int k);  void Backtrack (int t);  void Output ();  int n, // number Queens   * x; // current solution  long sum; // current number of feasible optio...

Algorithm C++
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