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multi-threaded Client Server application

multithreaded chat-server in Java. This program is about a client/server multi-threaded socket class. The thread is optional since the developer/designer is still responsible for deciding if he/she needs it. There are other Socket classes here and other places over the Internet, but non...

VC++http download

Through the SOCKET to send a GET request, and gets the return status of the page, and download page. And include a simple test program that can download WWW.BAIDU.COM Web content...

http Client

A simple http client implementation, providing http connection pool management. Very streamlined and effective....

multi threaded WebScraping in C#

Web Scraping involves obtaining information of interest from the webpages. I tried to make a step by step guide starting from basic of webscraping using WebBrowser to a little bit advance topics like performing login and maintaining sessions via httpWebRequest. This is the first relea...

http protocol

Written before a colleague test http examples I like to share with Honourable Members. The socket package provided by Windows, implementing http protocol, to download the file....

http multi-thread downloading

http multi-thread downloading, supports ten threads colleague downloads, files can be downloaded through the URL path to the file. Support downloads, pause downloads, continue to download. Program stability is good, download records and records, to see the progress of the download, speed...

httpURL Connection POST Request example

This is a simple tutorial to demo how httpURLConnection uses POST method to register update data saved in  remote server....

multi-threaded ClientServer Socket Class

A SOCKET class function is perfect, you can use network programming with the WINDOWS platform, provides many important API interface that encapsulates most of the frequently used functions for network programming. Which mainly consists of two classes, address classes as well as Sockets class....

httpWatch Web Capture tool source

httpWatch powerful web data analysis tools integrated in the Internet Explorer toolbar, including snippets .Cookies management cache management. Message header send / receive. Character inquiry .POST data and directory management functions. httpWatch is a report output can be collected and display S...

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