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huffman compression decompressor

huffman compression decompressor files support compression of binary files, compressed, to save the original file names MFC projects...

huffman coding long efficiency

#include<stdio.h> #include<iostream> #include<string.h> #include<stdlib.h> using namespace std; const MAXSIZE=100; typedef struct huffmantree { char cname; int weight,mark; struct huffmantree *parent,*lchild,*rchild,*next; }Hftree,*linktree;...

huffman coding

Given source-probability symbols, automatic huffman coding, build a binary tree, print symbol encoding, and can print a binary tree shape, helpful for learning of binary tree data structure section....

huffman coding

Felicity huffman-encodes a character to a text, by reading of the text, the statistical frequency of each character appears in the text, identifying Felicity huffman coding, and then output will be encoded in the new text. Translation of the text....

data compression

The project includes several popular compression algorithm implementations, specifically:1, Arithmetic coding 2, huffman coding 3, LZ77 coding 4, LZ78 coding 5, LZW 6, RLE 7, DCT , 8 Furie transform, is a very good data compression algorithm and realization of study materials....

huffman compression

This is a compression/Decompression routine using huffman Encoding/Decoding, and works best on normal text files. The code is *highly* optimized, and to show how fast this is I can mention another code sample found here on planetsourcecode (from August 1st 2000) which also uses huffman Encoding. Tha...

huffman compression

huffman Image compression algorithm.In this the  image input is given and then it get compressed and shows its result.each pixel is identified and then compressed based on the number of occurrence and then finally compress its sizethat smaller  ...


Define the data structure huffmanTree (binary tree), huffmanTree is automatically generated after the input data set. Provides hierarchical traversal algorithm huffmanTree....

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