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euclidean & Mahalanobis distance classification

a small function for euclidean distance classification and the Mahalanobis distance...

Encryption and decryption of data using ROT13 algorithm

File Encryption prevents leakage of important information caused by complicated Encryption algorithms can be encrypted very complicated, but in general should be Use, there is no need for similar PGP, RSA or DES Encryption algorithms and other complex. This example describes how to use ROT13 algorit...

Encryption and decryption tools needed jce

Recent versions of jce jar package, asymmetric Encryption and decryption tool jdk1.6 version required for the following, there to help explain, please carefully read...

Encryption using c++

(Simple Encryption) Some information on the Internet may be  encrypted with a simple algorithm known as “rot13,” which rotates  each character by 13 positions in the alphabet. Thus, 'a' corresponds to 'n', and 'x' corresponds to 'k'. rot13 is  an example of symmetric key e...

Tôi đang gặp vấn đề liên quan đến Encryption.Decryption sử dụng thuật toán mã hóa DES

Mình đang gặp khó khăn phần tạo key cho giải thuật mã hóa sử dụng DES. Minh cần source code C, bạn nào có mong cho mình tham khảo. Làm ơn gửi vào địa chỉ sau giúp mình:

idea in VHDL

This Code contains very interesting implementation of idea Cryptography  using VHDL using Xilinx tools ! hope you can customize and use the job for your own personal use ! Stay Connected and feel relax to ask questions ...

idea algorithm in Python

   idea.c - C source code for idea block cipher.   idea (International Data Encryption Algorithm), formerly known as   IPES (Improved Proposed Encryption Standard).   Algorithm developed by Xuejia Lai and James L. Massey, of ETH Zurich.   This implem...

Encryption and re-Encryption by Hill method

Method of Hill, This is an Encryption method that uses square matrices. We believe this is an attractive way for students to learn matrix algebra, arithmetic modulo n and the concept of algorithm. '  ...

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