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Cximage library and application examples

2015-03-06 00:27    By:langhaibo      View:140      Download:0

This document contains Cximage library source code generated and related library usage example code It can easily be accessed, display and convert various image....

Image Processing C++

MFC Cimage class

2015-03-24 11:32    By:804950206      View:103      Download:0

VC++ in the instructions for use of the Cimage class, Super detail, powerful...

Image Processing Visual C++

image processing

2015-03-24 08:12    By:echo      View:302      Download:0

// //Example 5-1. Doing something with each element in the sequence of connected components returned // by cvPyrSegmentation( // /* *************** License:************************** Oct. 3, 2008 Right to use this code in any way you want without warrenty, support or any guarentee of it workin...

Image Processing C++

Some examples of freeimage

2015-03-25 22:58    By:hz_cao      View:63      Download:0

I am studying freeimage, calls to freeimage written with VS2005 instance Test image display, image conversion, image compression and decompression interface...

Image Processing C++

opencv show image

2015-03-26 13:36    By:chih0511      View:65      Download:0

Why using openCV version 2.4.9 In Visual Stdio 2013 C++ compile Icelin show image program...

Image Processing Visual C++

Freeimage image-processing dll

2015-03-26 21:51    By:ccaccbccc      View:110      Download:2

Freeimage [1] is a free, open source, cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac OS x), supports more than 20 image types (like BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc) image processing library. Its biggest advantage is to use plugin -driven framework, with fast, flexible, easy to use features, has been widely u...

Image Processing C++

CXimage7.02 by VS2005 to verify the available

2015-02-03 07:50    By:jxaucm      View:28      Download:0

Cximage bad compilation, this is my latest version 7.02 after verification is available Simple use of Cximage class under the brief, I hope to come into contact with Cximage friends some help, I use the tools is VS2005 After opening the Cximage works these works can be seen in the follow...

Image Processing C++


2014-12-26 04:06    By:杰升科技      View:19      Download:0

ITK reading DICOM data and VTK for display. The program is an example of joint using ITK and VTK, suitable for beginners. -This program realizes the combination of ITK and VTK to read in and display DICOM image....

Image Processing C++

VB imageList image overlay

2015-01-10 03:50    By:pangz      View:25      Download:0

VB JPG image displayed using the imageList and overlay images, source code under the principles of naturally understand by this little program you can learn how to display images in the imageList....

Image Processing VB

imTrans - Homogeneous transformation of an image

2015-01-09 14:35    By:hjk61314      View:49      Download:0

IMTRANS - Homogeneous transformation of an image. Applies a geometric transform to an image [newim, newT] = imTrans(im, T, region, sze);...

Image Processing Matlab

Hyperspectral remote sensing image classification

2015-03-11 04:39    By:tunyue776      View:69      Download:0

Features using hyperspectral data classification using KNN algorithm (k-nearest neighbor) and classification the GDA algorithm. The main contents are as follows: Introduce two kinds of classification algorithm -- K nearest neighbor and Gauss discriminant analysis....

Image Processing Matlab


2014-12-10 23:49    By:alexander129      View:31      Download:0

// Nombre: Canseco Ramirez Miguel Alejandro // Grupo: 6751  //  Matricula: 201021639  // Servlet que muestra la imagen específica   package coreservlets; import java.io.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class Customizeimage exten...

Windows Java

Great CXimage image processing library using VS2012 to compile modified successfully

2015-03-14 01:21    By:wenyudibest      View:108      Download:0

I find the Internet a long time CXimage library, a powerful open-source image processing library, very suitable for the development of image processing small partner under VC, and modify the error using VS2012 compile....

Windows Visual C++

"Mastering MATLAB image processing" M file _ entry required _MATLAB image processing

2015-03-09 09:45    By:zhangxiaochao      View:116      Download:0

"Mastering MATLAB image processing," a book CD-ROM content, a total of 18 chapters, containing instructions for use. In the form of the M-file organization, entry required _MATLAB image processing...

Matlab Matlab

An imageJ plugin for combined spectral-lifetime image analysi

2015-03-13 07:47    By:cormen      View:189      Download:0

An imageJ plugin for combined spectral-lifetime image analysi***An imageJ plugin for combined spectral-lifetime image analysi****An imageJ plugin for combined spectral-lifetime image analysi****An imageJ plugin for combined spectral-lifetime image analysi An imageJ plugin for combined spectra...

Java Development Java


2015-02-11 03:52    By:skpaopao      View:18      Download:0

CLHaarColorimageFeature CLHaarColorimageFeature CLHaarColorimageFeature CLHaarColorimageFeature Source package CLHaarColorimageFeature CLHaarColorimageFeature source code package CLHaarColorimageFeature source packages...

OpenGL C++

image segmentation using Clustering (K-mean) classification algorithm

2015-03-24 04:43    By:songwenyang      View:292      Download:6

This source code is to acquire texture features of different regions on an image based on image texture analysis, then perform image segmentation according to these texture features using clustering (K-mean) classification algorithm.Since the effect of the co-occurrence matrix method is not good, th...

Matlab Matlab

Blend images

2015-02-28 19:42    By:simon_xzm      View:28      Download:0

A demo of very simple image manipulation using a Parallel.For loop.  The application allows the user to load up two images and blends them together into a single, new image.         ...

Parallel Computing C#

digital image processing: quantization

2015-03-26 07:40    By:shallen      View:258      Download:1

a computer program capable of performing uniform quantization and tapered quantization.Input to your program is one image. Outputs  include the 16-level uniform quantized image , 16-level and 256 level  tapered quantized images, and the histograms of the input image and each outp...

Matlab Matlab

Kernel Regression based image denosing

2015-03-10 04:51    By:wenyunlei      View:58      Download:0

In this paper, we make contact with the field of non-parametric statistics and present a development and generalization of tools and results for use in image processing and reconstruc-tion. In particular, we adapt and expand kernel regression ideas for use in image denoising, upscaling, interpolat...

Matlab Matlab
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