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Content-baised image retrieval matlab code

4 hours ago    By:daisy_tina      View:449      Download:0

This is a Matlab code for content retrieval based on colour histogram image, using color histogram to match yielded similar degrees of generosity, to find the gallery and his similar pictures...

Matlab Matlab

Active Learning for interactive image retrieval

2014-11-27 06:53    By:bhagya      View:29      Download:0

The project domain is Active Learning for interactive image retrieval. This project has five modues namely Comparableimage,imageUtility,RgbProjections,Similarityimages and the retrieval. It shows graphical records of the images also. ...

Image Processing C#

Texture-based image retrieval source code

2014-12-17 10:28    By:wodexyl      View:79      Download:0

Based on texture features of images for image retrieval, the code is written using matlab.  The image library which contains 45 maps, there are 30 codes related files, the program can run, for people to learn texture image retrieval helpful...

Image Processing Matlab

This program features for image retrieval based on color feature.

2014-12-15 04:45    By:vvvvvcvvvvvc@126.com      View:17      Download:0

This program features for image retrieval based on color feature. This program features for image retrieval based on color feature. This program features for image retrieval based on color feature. This program features for image retrieval based on color feature....

Image Processing Matlab

QR code encoding and decoding procedures-Chinese version

2014-12-17 03:45    By:yafei      View:105      Download:4

QR code encode and decode of source code, coding part detailed marked analysis and comments of source code, UI displayed part, will Japanese for Han of, displayed for Chinese convenient readers using, will coding and decoding placed in with a work district within, convenient debugging code, coding H...

Image Processing C++

Cximage library and application examples

8 hours ago    By:langhaibo      View:125      Download:0

This document contains Cximage library source code generated and related library usage example code It can easily be accessed, display and convert various image....

Image Processing C++

MFC Cimage class

2014-12-16 09:55    By:804950206      View:95      Download:0

VC++ in the instructions for use of the Cimage class, Super detail, powerful...

Image Processing Visual C++

image processing

4 hours ago    By:echo      View:256      Download:0

// //Example 5-1. Doing something with each element in the sequence of connected components returned // by cvPyrSegmentation( // /* *************** License:************************** Oct. 3, 2008 Right to use this code in any way you want without warrenty, support or any guarentee of it workin...

Image Processing C++

Qrcode processing

2014-12-14 08:09    By:xlaizzx      View:50      Download:0

Realizing VC++ QR decoding functions, resolving common QR code. QRcode decode decoder function to translate its contents is read into a picture, including shape detection and location specific functions, graphics filters, such as calibration, error detection and correction....

Image Processing C++

Some examples of freeimage

27 minutes ago    By:hz_cao      View:55      Download:0

I am studying freeimage, calls to freeimage written with VS2005 instance Test image display, image conversion, image compression and decompression interface...

Image Processing C++

opencv show image

2014-12-17 10:07    By:chih0511      View:57      Download:0

Why using openCV version 2.4.9 In Visual Stdio 2013 C++ compile Icelin show image program...

Image Processing Visual C++

Writing on SD memory with fat32 format with ATXMEGA uc, on codevision

1 hours ago    By:aydin1719      View:1264      Download:0

Hello everyone, This program is designed for atxmega128a4 microcontroller in order to write on a SD memory via fat32 format in codevision IDE. It uses SPI protocol on port D to talk to memory. Also note that in order to use "ff.h" library, you must first go to "Configure Project->C compiler...

Codevision C

JPEG XR code

2014-12-15 14:26    By:wanglei      View:49      Download:0

New generation of JPEG XR image compression standard code, the following image formats can be compressed (. raw/.tif/.PNM). Changes related to the encoder are as follows: 1. Add support for separate alpha image plane 2. Add support for YCC OUTPUT_CLR_FMT (YUV444, YUV422, YUV420) 3. Add su...

Image Processing C

The code of kakatu

2014-11-20 13:29    By:riot      View:24      Download:0

A JPEG2000 implementation code, written in c, after minor changes can be used directly. Haven't done a graphical interface, you may go out with...

Image Processing C++

stereo matching code

2014-12-17 20:53    By:qingqingzjin      View:92      Download:1

This is a stereo matching full code under MATLAB, comes from a University abroad routine contains detailed. m file and cross compiling cpp and h files, suitable for carefully studying specific algorithms...

Image Processing Matlab

hsi pca fuse matlab code

4 hours ago    By:xxhhzhw      View:138      Download:1

matlab code for image fusion, containing two methods: hsi and pca. Hsi transform and PCA transform codes in more detail, and they are used for fusion of the two pictures, the effect is very good....

Image Processing Matlab

Qcad2.05 source-qcad2.05 available for Windows and Linux can be used for Windows and Linux source code

2014-12-11 14:40    By:qiujiannuaa      View:1241      Download:0

Qcad2.05 source-qcad2.05 available for Windows and Linux can be used for Windows and Linux source code...

Image Processing C++
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