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Least-squares discriminant analysis of incremental

2014-11-22 01:01    By:litao1381      View:9      Download:0

Least Square incremental Linear Discriminant Analysis ( least-squares increment discriminant analysis )...

Matlab Matlab

incremental algorithm for PID

17 hours ago    By:chenjianhong      View:56      Download:0

incremental algorithm for PID, for motor speed control, or other object, the arithmetic is simple, portable on single-chip microcomputer, once used in Freescale motor speed and line-tracking algorithms....

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conductance vs current chart drawn toolbox using hspice simulation in matlab

2014-11-19 12:27    By:askiih      View:237      Download:0

Matlab coding is include in the attachment to communicates with HspiceToolBox.  The simulation data will be read by the codes automaticaly to draw all kinds of gm/ID curves. By interpolation functions. A look up table is established to find the Vgs in cert...

Linux programming Matlab

MPPT plus standalone inverter

2014-11-27 13:49    By:devendra      View:23      Download:0

Just check inside Project/Peripheral examples.  There is just one modified example, all commentated....

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incremental Learning for Robust Visual Tracking

2014-11-27 02:07    By:zek      View:10      Download:0

Most algorithms for tracking objects in video consist of two components: a model of the dynamics of the object being tracked, and a model of its appearance. Often the appearance model is constructed before tracking, perhaps from training images, and then used as-i...

Algorithm Matlab

incremental algorithms such as MATLAB source code

2014-11-21 04:39    By:WDZ      View:24      Download:0

This code is very helpful for economic load dispatch problem, the code is simple, precise, and workable and very easy to understand....

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