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RFID identification of passive tags in shopping malls - indoor positioning system

2015-03-27 05:19    By:Davis      View:80      Download:0

indoor positioning systems (IPSs) locate objects in closed structures such as office buildings, hospitals, stores, factories, and warehouses, where Global positioning System devices generally do not work. Most available systems apply wireless concepts, optical tracking, and/or ultrasound....

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indoor positioning System Using Wi-Fi

12 hours ago    By:Emrankhan      View:95      Download:0

positioning systems enable location-awareness for mobile computers in ubiquitous and per- vasive wireless computing. By utilizing location information, location-aware computers can render location-based services possible for mobile users. indoor positioning systems based on location...

Java Development Java

Leveraging Baidu Api for base stations, WiFi and GPS positioning

2015-03-23 17:09    By:m7682928      View:178      Download:0

By calling the API interface for Baidu to achieve positioning, position includes base station location, WiFi and GPS positioning in three ways. GPS positioning accuracy highest, followed by the Wifi base station positioning accuracy of the worst. Example there is still a lot of room for improvement,...

Java Development Java

indoor maps based on WiFi

12 hours ago    By:helloworld      View:97      Download:2

indoor map based on WiFi indoor map based on WiFi indoor map based on WiFi indoor map based on WiFi indoor map based on WiFi indoor map based on WiFi indoor map based on WiFi indoor map based on WiFi indoor map based on WiFi indoor map b...

Android Java

GPS point positioning

2015-03-19 23:33    By:wanglin      View:42      Download:1

Used to read o and n files and in accordance with the appropriate procedures for pseudo-point positioning formula, based on the files and satellite observation satellites broadcast ephemeris file a pseudo single-point positioning operation. Related files can be downloaded online....

Algorithm C++

Android, WIFI, GPS positioning based on base station collection source

11 hours ago    By:araag      View:272      Download:3

Collection Android, WIFI, GPS positioning of base stations Combines GPS, WiFi, base station location. GPS positioning GpsTask first class returns asynchronously GPS latitude and longitude information...

Android Java

GPS point positioning program

2015-03-23 08:47    By:chanaqingying      View:179      Download:7

GPS single point positioning, which enables the satellite coordinate calculations, the ground point coordinate calculation precision index calculation and output to Excel....

gps C#

Precise point positioning PPP

2015-03-08 04:32    By:lengyanyanjing      View:77      Download:2

RTKlib source code package, for precise point positioning, code simplicity. If necessary directly on the RTKlib Web site to download the complete package, which is an open source software....

定位 C

ZigBee positioning technology based on RSSI

2015-03-27 08:29    By:imust      View:93      Download:3

Using ZigBee based on RSSI location technique. Using ZigBee based on RSSI location technique, two base station location and target calibration...

Algorithm C

RFID positioning

2015-02-06 08:51    By:123456      View:62      Download:0

RFID-based time and attendance system design source code, C code, detailed and included attendance the  most basic functions, for beginners is a good reference, it is also useful....

Algorithm C


2015-03-10 12:18    By:bhavesh      View:37      Download:1

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are mainly characterizedby their limited and non-replenishable energy supply. Hence,the need for energy efficient infrastructure is becomingincreasingly more important since it impacts upon thenetwork operational lifetime. Sensor node clustering is one ofthe technique...

Matlab Matlab

2012 sound positioning system electronic design contest

2015-01-14 20:25    By:楠哥哥03      View:21      Download:0

2012 electronic design competition for sound localization system for source code, can supply your reference, and I hope to be a flip help is based on MSP430f149....

电子竞赛 C

Camera + image processing+communications, four-axle vehicle positioning

2015-03-08 23:37    By:taozhengxin      View:172      Download:5

My teammates and I made four-axis design for electronic design contest, we use the STM32 as image processing chip And information to deal with the M4. Tracks written by black squares, and returns the position of the aircraft black boxes information. The contest was finished, I'd like to sh...

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Palmprint identification _ _ morphological erosion and dilation positioning segmentation algorithm _matlab source

2015-01-23 09:22    By:小帆爱吃糖      View:294      Download:1

For edge segmentation with good results. % Second algorithm uses a morphological erosion and dilation in. Firstly, low pass filtering the image to eliminate the interference of small noise. % When filtering, does not use the traditional median filter, instead of using order statistics filter ordfilt...

Image Processing Matlab

Cellular network based on RFID indoor positioning NLOS suppression algorithm...

2010-08-12 00:13    By:herry82      View:6      Download:0

Cellular network based on RFID indoor positioning NLOS suppression algorithm...

Project Design Others

Gesture data acquisition and image rendering based on Bluetooth

2015-03-21 09:53    By:joyisn      View:9      Download:0

Spread through the real-time sensor data collected, placed in a database, and drawing out the current attitude angle data, completed indoor positioning results...

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