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1602 lcd 51 MCU Code – busy detection

2015-11-01 03:22    By:amen315      View:30      Download:0

MCS-51 microcontroller 1602 lcd code, with busy testing.Now online or other materials busy detection are wrong, basically a delay as busy testing, did not achieve the purpose of detecting busy, in fact, a delay function.This code is to do a detailed busy detection process, 1602 control speed, more s...

Driver Development C

1602 lcd source

2015-11-01 03:22    By:wwj4271      View:34      Download:1

This article use Hongjing stc89c52, 1602 lcd display, you can easily transplant in all 51 on board, opened with Keil...

51 C

MSP430 experiment about 1602 lcd source

2015-09-07 01:44    By:TTTT      View:22      Download:1

MSP430 microcontroller--1602 lcd code, test source code testing through ... Parts of the code are as follows: #include <msp430x14x.h> #include "cry1602.h" typedef unsigned char uchar; typedef unsigned int uint; /**************宏定义***************/ #define DataDir P4DIR #...

Driver Development C

89C51 1602 lcd clock

2015-09-20 21:34    By:Ming      View:36      Download:1

4 * 4 matrix keyboard , which is used to change the time of the clock.  1602lcd, which is used to display the time in a format of hour-minute-second/years-month-day. All of the components is controlled by the MCU of 89C 51. This project is simulated on the tools of p...

proteus;keil C

Automatic control system of temperature and humidity in greenhouse (SHT10 temperature and humidity sensors +lcd1602 lcd monitor program)

2015-09-25 02:59    By:taozhengxin      View:474      Download:0

This is my year to do graduate design of the automatic control system of temperature and humidity of the greenhouse. SHT10 temperature and humidity sensors +lcd1602 lcd monitor-c language program, Proteus simulation, schematic diagram of Altium Designer and graduate theses. All, emulation has been a...

Other C

Character lcd 1602 MCU emulator

2015-04-21 10:53    By:黑旋风      View:45      Download:0

C prepared speech on 1602 lcd character program, gave a detailed description of the program code 1602 and emulator through emulation software can directly open ... 1602 lcd MCU emulator characters very well, and can be used directly ......

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C8051 for 1602lcd

2015-10-13 04:16    By:daba0uo      View:82      Download:0

8051 controlled 1602lcd to show how to write words on screen...

Driver Development C

Driving lcd1602 FPGA code

2015-11-13 00:04    By:jason12377      View:115      Download:3

This is the code I write the lcd1602 tested can normally run on the lcd1602 again, because my own Board is made of 4 lines, via 4-wire communications, data programming students to know 8 line, try the 4 data bits, how to program...

verilog Verilog

STM32 reads the temperature and humidity and display on the lcd

2015-11-16 13:11    By:zhouqichishi      View:187      Download:1

Use the STM32 sht10 temperature and humidity sensor value is read and displayed on the lcd1602. Measurement can accurately reads the temperature and humidity, suitable for smart home products development. To have a more detailed source code comments in the code, developers would be more easy to use....

Embeded C

ADC interface with 8051

2015-09-23 21:51    By:nagarebel      View:173      Download:0

ADC INTERFACING with 8051 board contains the led, switch status,lcd and uart interfacing....

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