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lcd module source code

my lcd module source codes   fully available...

89C51 1602 lcd clock

4 * 4 matrix keyboard , which is used to change the time of the clock.  1602lcd, which is used to display the time in a format of hour-minute-second/years-month-day. All of the components is controlled by the MCU of 89C 51. This project is simulated on the tools of p...

MSP430 experiment about 1602 lcd source

MSP430 microcontroller--1602 lcd code, test source code testing through ... Parts of the code are as follows: #include <msp430x14x.h> #include "cry1602.h" typedef unsigned char uchar; typedef unsigned int uint; /**************宏定义***************/ #define DataDir P4DIR #...

lcd12864 show pictures

lcd12864 display pictures, dynamic display pictures, and learn about 12,864 display principle, including the ZLG company 12,864 displayed in this line!...

12864lcd menu procedure simulation

12864lcd menu procedure simulation, based on 51 single chip computer, simple menu display. 12864lcd menu procedure simulation, based on 51 single chip computer, simple menu display. The 12864lcd menu program simulation , based on 51...

glcd 128*64 touch

in this project we connect and run the 128x64 Glcd and touch panel touch pannel is the 4wire panel that is connected to port A of ATMEGA16 microcontroller. in every period 2 pin are output, one of them is zero and other one is high ( 5v ) we can read analog content of one of t...

1602 lcd source

This article use Hongjing stc89c52, 1602 lcd display, you can easily transplant in all 51 on board, opened with Keil...

12864lcd driver code

128x64 lcd Universal CDMA phone software   Including English, 16X16 character display, dialing, phone and other functions...

1602 lcd 51 MCU Code – busy detection

MCS-51 microcontroller 1602 lcd code, with busy testing.Now online or other materials busy detection are wrong, basically a delay as busy testing, did not achieve the purpose of detecting busy, in fact, a delay function.This code is to do a detailed busy detection process, 1602 control speed, more s...

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