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interface for the AMD AM30LV0064D UltraNAND Flash device. Decodes the lower address bits of the system bus to decode commands and set or clear interface signals. This device includes a RESET input to force WP# asserted on power transitions. RESET is high until Vcc is valid and goes high when su...

FT2232H USB to I2C interface

USB to I2C Inteface using FT2232H Overview: This example project for the FT2232H demonstrates how to use the device's Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE) to make a USB to I2C bus interface using the FT2232H. The executable application and full project code are provided. Req...

Alcatel CTI interface for the development of examples.

Alcatel CTI interface for the development of examples. CSTA32CSTA32 for Alcatel-Lucent Exchange development...

interface design

interface design using c #, including Office-style interface, graph, tree control, panel design, navigation, text, spell checking and so on, perfect win8 interface style....

interface Connection between STK Software and Actidyn Simulator Using Matlab

interface program to connect Actidyn Simulator (most accurate 3 axis rotating table) to the Simulation Software such as System Tool Kit (STK) through Matlab Environment....

interface of beautification and change

By editing the interface and beautification of the interface is more beautiful, it is a class that encapsulates a good, user can directly add, don't have to re-write your own code, programming can save them a great deal of trouble, CEdit class is an interface on the font, background, and other chang...

ksz8863phy--Linux driver

This is an ksz8863 switch drivers under Linux, this is c code, divided into control mode, MDIO,SPI, I2C, can choose either one of them as a chip to control mode....

ADC interface with 8051

ADC INTERFACING WITH 8051 board contains the led, switch status,LCD and uart interfacing....

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