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ksz8863phy--Linux driver

2015-03-05 12:54    By:sam      View:90      Download:3

This is an ksz8863 switch drivers under Linux, this is c code, divided into control mode, MDIO,SPI, I2C, can choose either one of them as a chip to control mode....

Linux programming C


2015-03-04 14:16    By:hhhsamuel      View:50      Download:0

interface for the AMD AM30LV0064D UltraNAND Flash device. Decodes the lower address bits of the system bus to decode commands and set or clear interface signals. This device includes a RESET input to force WP# asserted on power transitions. RESET is high until Vcc is valid and goes high when su...

nand_flash AMD AM30LV0064D Verilog

FT2232H USB to I2C interface

2015-03-15 05:40    By:eeooff      View:72      Download:0

USB to I2C Inteface using FT2232H Overview: This example project for the FT2232H demonstrates how to use the device's Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE) to make a USB to I2C bus interface using the FT2232H. The executable application and full project code are provided. Req...

Driver Development C++

Alcatel CTI interface for the development of examples.

2015-03-10 09:40    By:Jack Lee      View:48      Download:0

Alcatel CTI interface for the development of examples. CSTA32CSTA32 for Alcatel-Lucent Exchange development...

Communication Visual C++

ADC interface with 8051

2015-03-21 11:52    By:nagarebel      View:165      Download:0

ADC INTERFACING WITH 8051 board contains the led, switch status,LCD and uart interfacing....

Embeded C

FPGA VGA interface

2015-03-24 10:24    By:HELLOJJ      View:88      Download:0

VGA interface based on FPGA examples here, we must first consider vga_interface.v to support image resolutions, that is, 16x 16. So RAM Storage space required is 16Bits x 16Words. RAM, like FIFO, to access the RAM when they are needed Up to xx_En_Sig signals. Because the RAM contains 16Bits Write_...

verilog Verilog

Socket Verification MAC, interface, IP and Mask

2014-11-18 19:39    By:TavoRV      View:22      Download:0

iThis socket is a very simple program that makes a function similar to the network manager, showing interface IP Mask MAC each interface...

Network C

Function for Smi ksz8863 and Fec MCF52259 solution

2015-02-25 01:50    By:giacomo      View:15      Download:0

Functions  C code  for Smi-ksz8863 with use a  Fec-MCF52259.The fuction is write and read all regsiter for K2Z8863...

Embeded C

VC MFC skin interface code

2015-03-02 07:51    By:tifentan      View:131      Download:1

VC MFC skin interface code, details cf. VC MFC skin interface code, details cf. VC MFC skin interface code, details cf. VC MFC skin interface code, details cf. VC MFC skin interface code, details cf. VC MFC skin interface code, details cf....


High copy the app UI interface

2015-03-19 12:55    By:drizzle      View:35      Download:1

The software basically achieved all UI micro-channel effects. Have the following functions:Login, functional guidelines, exit the dialog box, set the interface, session interface, function keys right corner, click to enlarge details Avatar effect, shakeShake judgment "shake" part from the...

Android Java

Car dashboard interface

2015-02-01 01:51    By:bxf      View:371      Download:0

A homemade car dashboard interface, the main feature is the ability to display the size of vehicle speed and throttle and a display of some of the other common values. This interface can be used as direct other interfaces for LabVIEW control design, very convenient and fast....

GUI LabView

User interface features

2014-11-25 02:34    By:valleyzhx      View:18      Download:0

Make the transition from the user interface to the interface functions. Demo processes are: 1, the transition from the Splash screen to the boot screen; 2 place 5 pictures, boot screen, 5 pictures to introduce the application of functional and practical points; 3, user can slide the picture...

iOS Objective-C

SPI interface code

2015-03-20 20:21    By:hanyue64      View:83      Download:1

Verilog programming on SPI interface,SPI is a simple interface that allows one chip to communicate with one or more other chips....

verilog Verilog

PLX pcipcie interface IC WDM driver program

2015-02-09 22:03    By:beileifly      View:65      Download:3

PLX chip WDM pcipcie interface driver source, suitable for Plx8000;Plx6000;Plx9050;Plx9030;Plx9080;Plx9054;Plx9056;Plx9656 Plx8311. -PLX pci pcie interface chip WDM driver source code for Plx8000 Plx6000 Plx9050 Plx9030 Plx9080 Plx9054 Plx9056 Plx9656 Plx8311....

Driver Development C

Super resolution interface

2015-02-18 23:47    By:amal.ahmed.hamed      View:39      Download:0

Super resolution graphical user interface (SR-GUI) is developed to allow users enhance degraded multi-frame images in Matlab 7.0. Compared to other visual enhancement programs, distinctive aspect of SR-GUI is its flexibility to handle images taken under varying illumination conditions. We aimed...

Matlab Matlab

Serial port, Ethernet port data transmission interface

2014-12-29 15:14    By:zaochixishui      View:22      Download:0

Through a serial port and Ethernet port package, to call only one interface, instantiates its own device object, you can call the appropriate read and write operations, to achieve uniform...

Algorithm C#
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