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all-in-one event calendar

2015-10-11 03:29    By:sanka      View:14      Download:0

The All-in-One event calendar is a new way to list your events in WordPress and easily share them with the  rest of the world. Our calendar system combines a clean visual design, solid architectural patterns and a powerful set of features  to create the most advanced cale...

software PHP

jquery popup text selector click events to choose schools value assignment

2015-04-20 05:13    By:biyouti0126      View:189      Download:1

School drop box: click event jquery text selector popup to choose schools value assignment that contains code, JSP code and jquery-1.4.2.min.js code...

IT 界面 JavaScript

Beautiful jquery popup box

2015-09-12 07:27    By:骑驴撵大奔      View:23      Download:0

jquery pop beautiful box, write the pop-up box using jquery, you can get past the direct use of...

Web Framework JavaScript

jquery to wait to refresh results

2014-11-27 03:48    By:bbedword      View:12      Download:0

We are multiple Ajax requests to "Save" the data in a web Application, and then reload the page. We met the case (for reload of the page making the request or before the AJAX calls the simple solution , which is "asynchronous" of Ajax calls. Option forces call it seems to be working, however, run...

Web Framework HTML/CSS

Touchevent example

2015-09-14 09:22    By:pinotao      View:23      Download:0

This is the Touchevent brief introduction. Source code has detailed annotations ~...

Android Java schedule management source calendar scheduling management

2015-05-26 22:48    By:yuchixue      View:50      Download:0

calendar calendar Little brother is also beginner, find a lot of people need to schedule management system, official website after the Demo does not work well, so simple have changed Abandoned official website Demo eventEditWindow the edit view, layout of your Window, all of the operations have...

Web Framework C#

jquery source code

2015-03-05 23:47    By:simens_js      View:19      Download:0

jquery source code, if you want, you can play well, I hope to help you, jquery source code, or want to learn good basic JavaScript syntax, or go directly to the analysis, the more difficult...

GUI JavaScript


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