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maximum entropy

Yet Another Small MaxEnt Toolkit: YASMET This is a tiny toolkit for performing training of maximum entropy models. It is a generic toolkit, which is applicable to conditional maximum entropy models. A special feature of this program is that it is written only in 132 lines of code (can be print...

Permutation entropy algorithm

Very good analysis of nonlinear time series. entropy (entropy) refers to the system of the degree of confusion, in control theory , and probability theory , and number theory , and Astrophysics , and the life sciences and other fields have important applications in different disciplines have been de...

entropy and mutual information kit

Estimate an effective method to calculate dependencies between features, the mutual information can effectively measure the correlation between linear and non-linear features in the system, so as to effectively reduce the dimension of the input variables, improving efficiency....

MATLAB training program (Renyi entropy)

Proposed based on Renyi entropy thresholding methods. In this method, calculate the entropy value on behalf of the target and the background, and then seek out of both entropy and entropy, the absolute value of the difference between the two, optimal threshold corresponds to the ratio between the ma...

Matlab implementation of entropy method to calculate weight and presentation

"entropy" theory is an objective weighting method, which borrows the concept of entropy in information theory. entropy is in the case of evaluation index value to a variety of evaluation given set of objects identified, the relative intensity of each index in a competitive sense, from an i...

entropy method and topsis Matlab program

entropy method and topsis Matlab program, program working out the correct results, I hope to help you.  ...

entropy of discrete and sampled continuous distributions

Calculates the entropy of discrete and sampled continuous distributions. Differential entropy (also referred to as continuous entropy) is a concept in information theory that extends the idea of (Shannon) entropy, a measure of average surprisal of a random variable, to continuous probability distrib...

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