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ADC interface with 8051

2015-03-21 11:52    By:nagarebel      View:165      Download:0

ADC INTERFACING with 8051 board contains the led, switch status,lcd and uart interfacing....

Embeded C

STM32 SPI connect with Nokia 5110 3110 lcd

2015-03-20 16:51    By:starlyc      View:232      Download:0

Stm32f407 stm32f4 discoverary Nokia 5110 3110 spi2 connection lcd Development Board, shows the text  display....

arm C

FSMC-driven lcd160160

2015-03-11 22:26    By:b260123292      View:60      Download:0

STM32 FSMC connection lcd160160, high-speed drive this type of lcd screen. Drive contains the ASCII fonts, Chinese character database needs to be expanded, preferably along with FreeRTOS....

Embeded C

Msp430 lcd12864 source code

2015-03-28 10:39    By:a7903      View:122      Download:1

This code writes in an electronic competition. Can be applied to other types of chips. Specific MSP430 f149 lcd12864 modified source code can be displayed on a lcd12864 character. Line and so on....

Embeded C

C8051 for 1602lcd

2015-03-11 23:54    By:daba0uo      View:80      Download:0

8051 controlled 1602lcd to show how to write words on screen...

Driver Development C

Driving lcd1602 FPGA code

2015-03-18 04:32    By:jason12377      View:106      Download:3

This is the code I write the lcd1602 tested can normally run on the lcd1602 again, because my own Board is made of 4 lines, via 4-wire communications, data programming students to know 8 line, try the 4 data bits, how to program...

verilog Verilog

12864lcd driver code

2015-03-06 20:30    By:qiangua      View:91      Download:0

128x64 lcd Universal CDMA phone software   Including English, 16X16 character display, dialing, phone and other functions...

Embeded C

STM32F10x interface with Graphic lcd

2015-03-09 04:22    By:rainbow      View:50      Download:0

The example code for STM32F103RC with Graphic lcd 128x64. You can see the software connection of STM32F103 with Glcd128x64.  This include some fonts allow you wrire characters with different size, you can also plot bitmap image to Glcd......

Embeded C

Serial lcd and MSP430

2015-02-09 05:05    By:as5564      View:35      Download:1

Using MSP430 to interface Serial lcd...

Embeded C

glcd 128*64 touch

2015-03-26 00:47    By:armanch      View:92      Download:1

in this project we connect and run the 128x64 Glcd and touch panel touch pannel is the 4wire panel that is connected to port A of ATMEGA16 microcontroller. in every period 2 pin are output, one of them is zero and other one is high ( 5v ) we can read analog content of one of t...

Driver Development C

lcd12864 show pictures

2015-02-22 08:35    By:hor789      View:107      Download:0

lcd12864 display pictures, dynamic display pictures, and learn about 12,864 display principle, including the ZLG company 12,864 displayed in this line!...

Embeded C

lcd128X64 51 single-chip source

2015-01-21 04:00    By:shuijian00      View:68      Download:0

89S52, lcd128X64 source, all using c code, has been tested. T6963C lcd control chip, programs can display lines, draw curves, and so on. And can be After matrix display characters and Chinese characters....

Embeded C

lcd module source code

2015-01-11 04:27    By:aqzz44miss      View:79      Download:0

my lcd module source codes   fully available...

Driver Develop C

128*64 glcd at91sam7s

2015-03-26 16:36    By:mhsa      View:66      Download:0

Implementing simple and basis functions of a 128*64 Glcd display. this project was tested on at91sam7s and works well....


Single-chip lcd driver

2015-01-19 13:20    By:小强童鞋      View:41      Download:0

Can running on a single-chip lcd driver, tested....

Driver Develop C
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