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Annex the or1200 is an open source soft core, basic level is equivalent to an ARM7. Or1200 core open source toolchain improved. Specific introduction introduction you can look on the OpenRISC. Of the relevant information is contained in the annex according to Ren Huailu blog, code integrated finishi...

2014-01-04 01:22

F020 temperature program

This routine is the application of F020 development board, the ambient temperature of the test program. Easy to modify, pin simple remark clearly understood, easy to everyone to use. The temperature of the chip is 18B20, can also be modified in other ways....

2014-06-07 02:40

2012 sound positioning system electronic design contest

2012 electronic design competition for sound localization system for source code, can supply your reference, and I hope to be a flip help is based on MSP430f149....

W5200 TCP Keil project

This is a simple project with using Wiznet driver for W5200 TCP/IP chip with using Cortex M3 microcontroller...

2014-07-31 08:44

Project at Atmega16 with lcd display SED1520

Project at Atmega16 with lcd display SED1520 source code. With cyrillic font. Freeware, for evaluation and non-commercial use only....

2014-08-02 16:52

Ov7620 camera control

Through this code, xs128 single-chip computer control ov7620 digital camera features are made available, Assistant through the serial port, you can clearly see the image, the acquired image for 20x256 resolution that can be used for intelligent image collector car race....

2014-09-22 01:09

tms320c5509a fft program

According to the principle and formula of the FFT, write the TMS320c5509adsp FFT program: first, the continuous input of 2N real numbers as "bag" and, secondly, n point FFT is executed, and finally as a result of the synthesis of n-point output is "opened" the original DFFT conforms the 2N excitatio...

LPC2000 start code Start.s a brief analysis

LPC2000 startup code Start.s file a brief analysis  Let me talk about the start position code, boot code is in power on the board after the first execution.  So have to use assembler to write down.  To complete processor mode initialization, set the interrupt vector ta...

2014-10-27 03:44

DS18B20 temperature sensor

ds18b20 temperature sensor, respectively, of the sensor via a state machine is initialized, access registers,  the data is read, the read data to the digital display which, to achieve the function of temperature sensor.  18b20 mainly three state machines, a master state machine...

18b20 measured temperature

18b20 measured temperature, and using common cathode LED display. Temperature fractional part by look-up table, 18B20 digital temperature sensor experiments, accurate to 0.1C, before using jumper P1 port shall all connected. Operation reads the current temperature data, and if the temperature is neg...

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