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licence plate recognition

2015-03-28 02:06    By:aaaabbbb      View:50      Download:0

We can use existing closed-circuit television or road-rule enforcement cameras, or ones specifically designed for the task. They are used by various police forces and as a method of electronic toll collection on pay-per-use roads and cataloging the movements of traffic or individuals.  ANPR ca...

Recognition Matlab

An example about Reading and writing file in csharp

2015-03-17 22:08    By:ttdh1111      View:162      Download:0

Giving an example about reading and writing file in C#...

CSharp C#

a sample minimarket apps with csharp

2015-03-25 02:11    By:arinten      View:114      Download:3

this is my project with c sharp, this apps about mini market, how to manage stuff, how to control transaction, and manage official employee, you could do calculating and also could manage the user who could use this apps....

CSharp C#

Mapx csharp map editor C#

2015-03-20 10:54    By:ro4ters      View:102      Download:1

Code complete, edit the mapx map, it is worth learning. X86 only ... Code complete, edit mapx map Worth learning. X86 only ... Code complete, edit the mapx map, Worth learning. X86 only ... Code complete, edit mapx map Worth learning. X86 only ... Code complete, edit mapx map Worth learning. X86 onl...

CSharp C#

Vehicle license plate recognition

17 hours ago    By:omar      View:157      Download:1

License plate recognition technology (Vehicle License plate recognition,VLPR) refers to the ability to detect the monitored information automatic extraction of road vehicles and vehicle licences (including Chinese characters, English letters, numerals and number plate color) processing technology. L...

Matlab Matlab

License plate recognition

17 hours ago    By:pbarmashe      View:41      Download:0

The coming era of technology will be the recognition of vehicle number plate recognition automatically which reduces the human requirement as well as for instant response to analyse and detect various type of vehicle. This matlab code helps to design such systems at primary level. all the best...

Matlab Matlab

Realization of vehicle license plate recognition system

9 hours ago    By:yanglei420528      View:424      Download:19

Research and implementation of this project license plate recognition algorithm can be divided into three steps: license plate location, tilt correction and license plate recognition. Research priorities for the realization of license plate location and tilt correction algorithms.  License Pla...

Image Processing C++

Vehicle license plate recognition

17 hours ago    By:cooky98      View:65      Download:2

Map the RGB space to YB space, then YB space into black, blue, gray, yellow and white images of the five values method. China plates, by black and blue merge, white, and yellow combined, the image can be further simplified into three values. Based on three-value image of vehicle license plate recogn...

Windows Visual C++

license plate recognition

17 hours ago    By:kartino      View:80      Download:0

The ANPR (Automatic Number plate recognition) using ALR (Automatic lineTracking Robot) is a system designed to help in recognition of number plates of vehicles.This system is designed for the purpose of the security and it is a security system. Thissystem is based on the image processing system. Thi...

Embeded Matlab

Vehicle license plate recognition system based on MFC

15 hours ago    By:Crispinchen      View:277      Download:5

This program, license plate recognition using OpenCV, including binary, locate, cut, characters, color recognition, batch processing images, Excel prints the license plate information, and through a database query....

Image Processing C++

Vehicle license plate recognition based on MATLAB

17 hours ago    By:mac9374      View:65      Download:0

The entire source code can be run, realized the license plate image preprocessing, license plate location, morphological filters, vehicle license plate character segmentation, license plate recognition, and other functions....

Image Processing Matlab

License plate recognition program based on fuzzy pattern recognition

17 hours ago    By:liuxuwang1      View:116      Download:0

Vehicle license plate recognition based on fuzzy recognition program, developed with MATLAB, proven effective, can be with own algorithm contrast test, or you can validate...

Image Processing Matlab

Easy bulk license plate recognition and coding

16 hours ago    By:ADFADFDFGAQER      View:70      Download:4

Easy bulk license plate recognition systems, mainly in batch to images of vehicle license plate code, software, first select the images folder, and then run, run over, can images folder directory, success found under the folder has been successfully code image....

Image Processing C#

MATLAB license plate recognition at night programs

17 hours ago    By:hahahu      View:28      Download:0

MATLAB-based license plate recognition program, mainly to solve the night is difficult to identify the  license plate issue, there is some basis for scholars studying...

Image Processing Matlab

Vehicle license plate recognition based on color VC++ code

8 hours ago    By:hejiao      View:118      Download:2

Marked by the color, are a good way to identify different background plate license plate...

Graph C++

license plate recognition system

2015-03-13 05:31    By:tjaol      View:14      Download:0

this is the full code for the license plate recognition system, License plate recognition demo v0.20...

Algorithm C++
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