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SimpleR source code

2015-03-12 01:37    By:sjtudaniel      View:129      Download:1

This is the SimpleR source code that can be used to calculate two-dimensional incompressible flow and heat transfer problems, very easy to use....

Assembly Language Fortran

drive machine

2015-02-02 14:15    By:moein      View:38      Download:0

This paper introduces a generalized theory for the operation of mixed pole machines(MPMs). The MPM has two stator windings, namely the main winding with pole pairs P1 andthe control winding with pole pairs P2. The MPM has shown promise in the field of adjustablespeed drives for large machines and in...

Matlab C++


2015-03-22 10:16    By:farkas70      View:59      Download:1

******************************************************************************* $Id: README.txt,v 2008/08/21 02:18:51 mcarbone Exp $ slot_machine Description: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   This module generalises th...

Flash ActionScript

Optimal state estimation (code)

2015-03-26 22:49    By:zuzhengsi      View:26      Download:0

The Optimal state estimation of source-books, covering almost all common filtering algorithms, such as Kalman filtering, extended Kalman filtering and Unscented Kalman filter and particle filtering and so on.  ...

Matlab Matlab


2015-01-19 11:42    By:mattyou      View:26      Download:0

SimpleAPI can run on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, and other support JVM OS; operating environment require JDK 1.4.x or later (including JDK 1.4.x). You can click here to download the SimpleAPI Development Kit SimpleAPI.jar; used to tie in with the development gateway Simulator parts Gatewa...

Linux programming Java

Use script Simple_html_dom.php crawl and parse a Web page

2014-12-05 03:14    By:fabulouslw      View:125      Download:0

Use script Simple_html_dom.php crawl and parse a Web page, the program through the PHP grab score football website, data such as Asia and Europe lost; capture data covering all leagues worldwide, national team competitions. After crawling down the page, according to the League, seasons, game species...

Linux programming PHP

A design of state machine model

2015-01-15 09:26    By:king8255      View:18      Download:0

state machine model in the software development process to see. This code is a common state machine simulation design pattern implementation mechanisms for data changes and updates in a different state. The code can be easier for beginners to learn and understand C++ state machine to use, because th...


Extreme Learning machine code

8 hours ago    By:xuzhaosgp      View:115      Download:1

This package inlcudes the ELM code and a presentation about it. Extreme Learning machine is a single hidden-layer feedforward neural network (SLFN), which randomly chooses the input weights matrix and analytically determines the output weights matrix. For fixed input weights and the hidden layer bia...

Matlab Matlab

Synchronous FIFO state machine implementation

2015-01-14 09:02    By:咫尺天涯911124      View:23      Download:0

Simple synchronous FIFO state machine description, including read/write counters, empty full flag control. Can achieve sequential read and write data, including the test file, the simulation results. filelist:fifo.v,fifo_test.v...

verilog Verilog

state machine for extended writing

2015-01-25 13:13    By:wave      View:11      Download:0

When writing programs in state machine, you can refer to similar delay writing   can improve the program for real-time    reduced consumption of hardware resources...

Embeded C

state machine implements the cordic algorithm

2015-01-18 06:48    By:qingyanxulai      View:12      Download:0

16-bit data with the source code of sin cos calculations, has passed the test and displays the correct waveform file, emulation through. Calculations can be very helpful. The code for the original code, unlike the pipelined, but in time for the area....

verilog Verilog

Soda machine vending machine

2015-03-09 09:35    By:huangchuchuan      View:105      Download:0

Vending machine based on spartan6 prepared from digital design with computer architecture project. Mobile Information Engineering College of Zhongshan University curriculum practice, this code can provide a reference for everyone. This source press input, four seven-segment decoder display current a...

verilog Verilog


2014-12-20 16:34    By:dailove1705      View:33      Download:0

#include <unistd.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { if ((write(1, “Here is some data\n”, 18)) != 18) write(2, “A write error has occurred on file descriptor 1\n”,46); exit(0); }...

Linux programming C

I2C Master Implementation using Finite state machine

2015-03-06 18:50    By:shekhar20      View:32      Download:0

A) Write 1 byte of data to a slave.  Slave address = 0x51 (b”1010001”) Data to write = 0xAC I2C Sequence: 1)      generate start command 2)      write slave address + write bit 3)    ...

verilog Verilog

Finite state machine traffic control light

2015-01-03 16:01    By:jeffr317      View:21      Download:0

This code implements a traffic control light in two ways priority...

Algorithm Verilog

Simple calculator.

2015-03-26 09:07    By:1028293781      View:244      Download:0

calculator. C language completely. Writing a with functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division arithmetic Calculator program. To make it easier to achieve, in our calculators using reverse Poland expression instead of ordinary infix notation. Inverse Poland notation,...

CSharp C

Simple apply ant colony source code Java

2015-03-08 11:36    By:Gift      View:174      Download:15

Simple apply ant colony source code Java- ant algorithm- path- pheromone update...

Java Development Java

Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

2014-12-12 04:21    By:yasin      View:14      Download:0

for student of artificial intelligence the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm is very useful and important. bye use of this code they can solve all the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm problems with matlab....

Matlab Matlab
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