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lm35 temperature sensor using LPC2148

2015-11-17 01:13    By:milari      View:191      Download:3

Interface lm35 tempertaure Sensor using LPC2148. ///Note : Remember to Convert the binary value into temperature value  Aim : This project aims to interface a precision 3 pin temperature sensor using inbuilt ADC channel of LPC 2148 . Components : lm35 -Temperature Sensor-...

Embeded C

lm35 temperature sensor tinyos

2015-05-08 07:19    By:gusty      View:9      Download:0

This code includes the needed files to read temperature from a lm35 sensor in Analog channel A0 for telos b motes. This code is developed for tinyos applications. You can modified it for similar sensors by reading the README file instructions....

Driver Development C++

Termometro digital c lm35

2015-03-07 14:19    By:Duvalin      View:18      Download:1

This is an example of a termomether programming in c, use an lm35 to work, use the serial port...

Electronica C

Temperature Check

2014-12-01 22:57    By:solemany      View:10      Download:0

Temperature check using lm35, with MCU 89V51RD2. Read lm35 trhough ADC0804, and display on LCD. Using KEYBOARD to get limits for the TEMP....

Other C

lm357 Manual English lm357 chip price for one yuan...

2014-11-19 19:23    By:loverr      View:6      Download:0

lm357 Manual English lm357 chip price for one yuan...

E-Books Borland C++ Builder

lm35 thermometer sensor. High linearity, high resolution....

2014-11-19 05:46    By:Gekko      View:13      Download:0

lm35 thermometer sensor. High linearity, high resolution....



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