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lm35 thermometer sensor. High linearity, high resolution.

lm35 thermometer sensor. High linearity, high resolution....

Termometro digital c lm35

This is an example of a termomether programming in c, use an lm35 to work, use the serial port...

lm35 temperature sensor tinyos

This code includes the needed files to read temperature from a lm35 sensor in Analog channel A0 for telos b motes. This code is developed for tinyos applications. You can modified it for similar sensors by reading the README file instructions....

lm35 temperature sensor using LPC2148

Interface lm35 tempertaure Sensor using LPC2148. ///Note : Remember to Convert the binary value into temperature value  Aim : This project aims to interface a precision 3 pin temperature sensor using inbuilt ADC channel of LPC 2148 . Components : lm35 -Temperature Sensor-...

Temperature Check

Temperature check using lm35, with MCU 89V51RD2. Read lm35 trhough ADC0804, and display on LCD. Using KEYBOARD to get limits for the TEMP....

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