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Student management system java command line

2015-03-24 01:27    By:SherryYu      View:73      Download:0

Application of object-oriented programming, using java Collections framework and achieve the management of students ' grades. Reads as follows: 1 Class interface, design students; 2 Framework of the collection, use, and insert of student achievement, adopting the name...

Java Development Java

Student information management system by java+access

2015-03-28 21:25    By:香辣鸡腿      View:153      Download:0

The code for student information management system through java and access, reflecting the additions and deletions of data rewrite function. Order through this small way to achieve basic student information management, it can help us beginners to learn....

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java HR management system based on MVC model

2015-03-24 01:23    By:snow      View:169      Download:0

java-based personnel management system MVC model, mainly the following functions 1. 2. Position management Sector management 3. Entry management 4. management 5. probation department job mobility management mobility management 6. 7. 8. Employee Turnover manage employee information center 9. report M...

Java Development JSP

java score management system

2015-03-30 08:09    By:lt543968632      View:88      Download:0

Score management system description system name: Student score management system Main function: 1. record the student's name, student number, date of birth. 2. Recording mathematics, English. 3. adding data. 4. Modify the data. 5. to delete the data. 6. To vie...

Java Development Java

java student management system

4 hours ago    By:Ousta Khan      View:75      Download:0

java student management system, java information student system will let a school to better manage his student...

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Simple student management system by java

3 hours ago    By:cyandkym      View:268      Download:1

For java beginner, simple student management system...

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java hotel management system

2015-03-30 01:44    By:980752307@qq.com      View:101      Download:0

java development of hotel management system, database using mysqlThere are configuration files that can be configured according to the...

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java simple student management system

2015-03-26 11:09    By:inxs      View:70      Download:0

Course design of student management system in java, including source code and course design. Find all the Internet, don't steal, don't want me indecent assault, I was unable to. Because of exams coming up, I haven't paid the curriculum design, you're upset is not upset....

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Order and contract management system developed with java

2015-03-17 09:24    By:zhu7100882@126.com      View:48      Download:0

JSP pages at the front desk of the codeModify password change add a system user management system users a user name user name: password: repeat password: javaBEAN class interface<bean name="Bean_name" varname="local_Bean_name" type ="class_or_interface_name" introspe...

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java_ achievement management system

2015-02-25 03:43    By:小能冬      View:22      Download:0

The performance management system developed using java language and content contained within the database, stored and read from the database. And document specific instructions, and the screenshot shows, as well as the database created on the local computer...

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java library management system

2014-12-28 09:16    By:暮秋阳光      View:24      Download:0

This is a java library of small programs, this program, for starters, both starting from system requirements analysis, interface layouts, or database development, links and relationships between the various modules, and the later books the adds are very good instruction and practical application of...

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Graduate employment management system based on java

2015-03-13 01:39    By:liufeiwu      View:16      Download:0

This system Main functions are : Manage and making statistics of the information of employment of graduates; : One is based on the student's employment  college enrollment management provide important information ; Second, effective statistical college graduate Health...

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java development graduate-student management system

5 hours ago    By:大木马      View:71      Download:0

This code implements all the features of student management, done by me and my team to cooperate fully, that this is not enough, please? Don't want to talk too much, anyway, who knows who. Oh, really good...

Java Development Java

java check on work attendance management system

2015-03-31 05:16    By:wwaawaw      View:311      Download:6

Writing is very suitable for download Oh, want everyone to download, mainly for a time, or to the teacher, you know...

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java student record management system

2015-03-29 22:41    By:Jealous      View:100      Download:1

Student school register management system java and Sql Server2005,java+SQL Server2005+MyEclipse6.0, as the course has been designed by teachers at the computer audit, Word documents, UML modeling, code, database files are readily available....

DataBase Java

Library management system java Swing

2015-03-21 01:42    By:belalkhan      View:29      Download:0

The java Library management system is designed to help simplify the task of managing a physical library (as opposed to software libraries), consisting of individual inventory items such as books, tapes, optical media, etc....

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SQL Server database and the java language-based student information management system

5 hours ago    By:WeiKaige      View:406      Download:0

SQL Server database and the java language-based student information management system, and full source code, the java language implementation, NetBeans development environment, you can import Eclipse...

DataBase Java

Internet Banking system java Project

2015-03-03 02:11    By:ASHISH      View:62      Download:0

Significance and Scope of the Internet Banking system java Project: The main aim of the Internet Banking system java Project is  to develop a procedure that can identify the vulnerabilities in the existing Internet Banking system  process. The possible threats and attacks ev...

Windows Java

Library management system project

2015-03-30 08:41    By:sandeep      View:244      Download:1

The project titled Library management system is Library management software for monitoring and controlling the transactions  in a library. The project is developed in java, which mainly focuses on basic operations in a library like adding new member,  new books, and updati...

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java Application Medicine management application

2015-03-24 11:52    By:bkiran      View:86      Download:1

This is java application Medicine management  application. It is content management system...

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