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image processing

2015-03-30 06:01    By:echo      View:304      Download:0

// //Example 5-1. Doing something with each element in the sequence of connected components returned // by cvPyrSegmentation( // /* *************** License:************************** Oct. 3, 2008 Right to use this code in any way you want without warrenty, support or any guarentee of it workin...

Image Processing C++

Digital image processing, matlab GUI

2015-03-20 22:17    By:1010540672      View:81      Download:2

Draw a histogram, histogram specification and implement histogram equalization, Gray image contrast enhancement, 图 像 Geometric transformation, images plus noise reduction (using input parameters controlling different noise), and then use the spatial and frequency domain filtering. Using M...

Image Processing COBOL

"Mastering matlab image processing" M file _ entry required _matlab image processing

2015-03-30 06:02    By:zhangxiaochao      View:119      Download:0

"Mastering matlab image processing," a book CD-ROM content, a total of 18 chapters, containing instructions for use. In the form of the M-file organization, entry required _matlab image processing...

Matlab Matlab

Gonzalez, image processing matlab programs

2015-03-29 06:45    By:dsandxxl      View:127      Download:0

Procedure code description P0201:matlab assigned For loops P0202:matlab For loops and if conditions in the P0203:matlab P0205:matlab basics of image processing P0206:matlab advanced image processing operations P0207: based on RGB image creates a grayscale image P02...

Matlab Others

image processing matlab code

2015-03-24 04:43    By:ryma      View:65      Download:0

This code contain different function in image processing like add of 2 images ,segmentation,............

Matlab Matlab

digital image processing: quantization

2015-03-30 08:23    By:shallen      View:261      Download:1

a computer program capable of performing uniform quantization and tapered quantization.Input to your program is one image. Outputs  include the 16-level uniform quantized image , 16-level and 256 level  tapered quantized images, and the histograms of the input image and each outp...

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-24 08:03    By:aswini      View:188      Download:1

Support Vector Machine (SVM) was first heard in 1992, introduced by Boser, Guyon, and Vapnik in COLT-92. Support vector machines (SVMs) are a set of related supervised learning methods used for classification and regression. They belong to a family of generalized linear classifiers. In another te...

Matlab Matlab

Content-baised image retrieval matlab code

2015-03-30 13:51    By:daisy_tina      View:554      Download:2

This is a matlab code for content retrieval based on colour histogram image, using color histogram to match yielded similar degrees of generosity, to find the gallery and his similar pictures...

Matlab Matlab

Digital image processing and machine vision-VC++ and matlab realization CD code

2015-03-27 10:25    By:qing101hua      View:1114      Download:3

Digital image processing and machine vision VC++ and matlab code, CD that comes with the book, the code was complete....

Image Processing C++

Davinci technologies DSPC6437 image processing routines, and technical documentation

2015-03-30 02:53    By:2607020889      View:187      Download:0

Davinci technologies DSPC6437 image processing routines and technical documentation, which contains the Davinci DSP series C6437 example of image processing program, and H264 decoding algorithm, image JPG compression algorithm, and the corresponding test cases, as well as provides technical document...

Image Processing C

Freeimage image-processing dll

2015-03-26 21:51    By:ccaccbccc      View:110      Download:2

Freeimage [1] is a free, open source, cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac OS x), supports more than 20 image types (like BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc) image processing library. Its biggest advantage is to use plugin -driven framework, with fast, flexible, easy to use features, has been widely u...

Image Processing C++

Read Dicom image in matlab

2014-12-15 10:55    By:nicky      View:25      Download:0

X = dicomread(filename) reads the image data from the compliant Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) file filename. For single-frame grayscale images, X is an M-by-N array. For single-frame true-color images, X is an M-by-N-by-3 array. Multiframe image...

Image Processing Matlab

image rotation matlab programs

2014-12-16 15:52    By:fyhlove5      View:13      Download:0

The rotation of the image, where you can change the angle, but did not establish their own coordinate system, but using matlab's default coordinate system....

Image Processing Matlab

Application of genetic algorithm to image segmentation matlab code

2015-03-29 14:11    By:wqf535      View:145      Download:4

Improved self-adaptive crossover and mutation probability In genetic algorithms, by crossover and mutation to a pair of complementary and competing operators searching ability rapidly improved. Cross operation is in the composite cross two individuals valuable information produces new offspring,...

Image Processing Matlab

matlab version of the digital image processing source code

2015-03-27 06:17    By:Kean      View:236      Download:1

Original title: Digital image processing Using matlab Supporting source, this book is theory deals with image processing software practice a combination of the first book, it has integrated with digital image processing by Gonzalez and woods the important contents in the book and the Mat...

Matlab Matlab

image processing dct using in matlab

2015-03-30 06:03    By:khiemspdt      View:111      Download:1

image processing dct using in matlab for jpeg image. Mohammed Mustafa Siddeq He is working on Software Engineering Dept. – Technical College – Kirkuk – IRAQ. He is appointed as a researcher and lecturer in the same college. He working on digital image processing by using matlab and...

Matlab Matlab

Integrated use of matlab toolbox for image processing GUI programming

2015-03-30 09:27    By:ligongxuexi      View:91      Download:0

Using matlab GUI program to design a simple and practical image processing program. The program should have Common image processing functions to meet users. Now the design process has the following basic functions: 1) read and save the image. 2) The design of the graphical user interface, allowing u...

Matlab Matlab

matlab image processing codes

16 minutes ago    By:yueqiaohuayuan      View:2337      Download:65

matlab language for image processing, such as image open, heavy, closed, vertical mirror image, horizontal mirror, gray scale, and color histogram equalization, image enhancement, smoothing and sharpening, plus noise, such as salt and pepper noise Gaussian noise, multiplicative noise, Poisson noise...

Matlab Matlab
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