Pure css3 made the user login screen and verify the mailbox a message

2015-02-20 07:21    By:Skeven2014      View:13      Download:0

Pure css3 user login screen and verify mailbox message, user login screen made of pure css and validate, validation results  dynamic prompts, no js script support. Very suitable for home pages log effect...


HTML+css mailbox management system

2015-04-15 05:53    By:dk_dragon      View:47      Download:1

By html + css for advanced mail management system, the system including login realized, new mailboxes,  contacts, junk phase, write a new message, etc....

Web Framework HTML/CSS

HTML+css sample

2015-03-10 01:36    By:qxc      View:35      Download:0

This html+css the most basic applications using most browsers support css based, simple to use, the best way to learn css, hope can be downloaded there was support for this document...

Web Framework HTML/CSS

HTML5-css-404 page animation

2015-04-15 05:53    By:winnerzhai      View:105      Download:0

HTML5 animation using 404 robots to achieve, when you enter the 404 pages, there will be a robot dance, very cute. This robot dance moves is to use HTML5 and css3 animation properties to achieve, take a look....

html5 JavaScript

Pretty Hover Effects with css3 and jQuery

2014-08-22 04:01    By:KrishnaChaianya      View:14      Download:0

Pretty Hover Effects with css3 and jQuery  Hover your cursor in each image below. Note that if you're using IE - you're not seeing the rest of the styles due to lack of css3 property support....

Image Processing HTML/CSS

HTML & css project

2015-03-09 11:39    By:Sarin      View:114      Download:2

This is a HTML & css based web codeing. I want  to make a valuable web coding for developers, who want to make a web page in html. please help me more for leanings & development. ...

Web Framework HTML/CSS

Himself css,JS wrote the simple shopping site

2014-12-15 06:08    By:zhangjiejun      View:15      Download:1

Himself css,JS wrote the simple shopping site. All animated by their own JS code, css style layout of the Web site, is also doing. Although looks nice there is still a certain gap, but your own. PS and you just learned css, JS level is possible. And share with you, Oh Home, please enter the index af...

Java Development JSP

Project Ecommerce exemplo do site em sistema de login completo

2015-03-28 00:37    By:abraao199      View:4833      Download:2

Project Ecommerce exemplo do site em sistema de login completo ...

Web Browser PHP


2015-04-17 01:17    By:1026438864      View:37      Download:0

This is according to Han Shunping video step by step made by the teacher, simulated online business function is not very powerful, but J2EE is helpful for learning. Mainly using JSP+SQLServer+css technology, the interface is made of Dreamweaver, import code directly into the inside MyEclipse, can ru...

Web Framework JSP

css3 to create beautiful Password strength indicator

2015-02-19 09:25    By:xiaozhuxia      View:13      Download:0

css3 to create beautiful Password strength indicator...

Browser HTML/CSS

Qt login, automatic identification of focus

2014-11-20 05:08    By:ch593030323      View:25      Download:0

#include "mainwindow.h" #include "ui_mainwindow.h" MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent) : QMainWindow(parent), ui(new Ui::MainWindow) { ui->setupUi(this); pushButton = new QPushButton(this); pushButton->setObjectName(QString::fromUtf8("pushButton")); pushButton->setGeometry(...


163 original css

2013-12-22 23:14    By:svbmm      View:5      Download:0

NetEase news photos 163 jQuery slide, a set of JQuery code developed on Atlas, showing miniature pictures, including index.html,images,jQuery.jcarousellite.min...

Web Browser HTML/CSS

User login screen

2015-01-27 00:06    By:jiang_coder      View:15      Download:0

Name is JavaWeb but which are implemented in order to JavaWeb users log on and edit a Web page interface, application html/css implementation, code was very brief, but the effect is very good....

Web Framework HTML/CSS

login Form Html and its validation

2014-12-07 08:32    By:Azka      View:9      Download:0

It is a login form. there are js and css and html files. In js files there are the scripts through which the form is being validate....

Web Framework HTML/CSS

Advance login Form using C# and SQL

2014-11-24 08:00    By:sus      View:30      Download:0

Advance login form in C#.NET 2010 and SQL 2008. This tutorial for you to learn how to make an advance login in C#.NET. It is for beginners only. In this tutorial: New user registration Forget password Change user info Change password And removing the user....


ajax login

2014-11-29 14:15    By:TEJA      View:15      Download:0

This is a simple Ajax webapplication to let you login and after you provide the credentials. This example application is like the login web application except that after login it displays the welcome message on the login screen using AJAX. It can be run here. It is defined...

Java Development Java

Some source codes for webpage navigation, file download, user login

2015-03-21 01:28    By:发了芽的坏土豆      View:21      Download:0

Suitable for beginners, module development of common modules. Includes page navigation, file downloads, user login modules, custom classes, and moving animation module....

Web Framework C#

The source code for simple PHP login system

2015-04-09 23:37    By:xwdxwd      View:244      Download:5

Debut of the PHP code, contains a small and simple login system, available on the back-end database to implement login, login information after query, delete modify functions. Using PHP+MySQL technology, users can install the Apache Web server connections, easy to use, compact but functional....

Web Framework PHP

PHP & MySQL login script

2015-04-16 05:10    By:wesax      View:111      Download:0

A simple PHP & MySQL login script to protect your web page content from spam and bot registrations so that only registered users can view the content of your site......

Shell Script PHP

login Filtering

2014-12-04 23:56    By:anun      View:21      Download:1

This code is useful for filtering based on user login entry is made. when we memasukana user then some MenuStrip will not appear, but when we enter a user adminisistrator then all MenuStrip displayed....

menu C#

C # login and data transfer

2014-11-20 06:04    By:匠人      View:13      Download:0

Method one: Form:this. Tag=对象1; this. Tag = mm; Form II: object class name 对象 2 = Form name . Tag as owning class name for the object;user XX= LGN. Tag as user; Method two: // Through the third object is used to cache Class file:Public Static parent c...

Windows C#

login android

2014-11-19 19:06    By:vinda      View:16      Download:0

In my previous article Android login and Registration Screen Design i explained designing the login and registration interfaces, but it has no functionality. In this tutorial i am explaining how to build complete login and registration system in android using PHP, MySQL and SQLite. Also th...

Algorithm Java

JSP section of source documents Userlogin

2015-04-16 05:04    By:wjjwjjwjj      View:16      Download:0

This document is part of base JavaEE, JSP source file Userlogin, development software used are Myeclipse....

Java Development JSP


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