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bezier curves

2015-11-11 07:09    By:cuogeboss      View:43      Download:0

bezier curve generation algorithm, java language, directly extract engineering form, you can run.  Complete bezier curve generation algorithm....

Java Development Java

bezier curves

2015-05-09 02:36    By:lainy      View:32      Download:0

bezier curves (b é zier curve), also known as 贝兹 Curve or a beijiai curve, is a mathematical curve applies to two-dimensional graphics application. Vector graphics software to accurately draw the curve through it, B zier curve segments and nodes composed of nodes are draggable points, lines lik...


MATLAB sleek curves and surfaces

2015-09-29 07:29    By:acalephs      View:135      Download:0

matlab program sleek curves and surfaces, effectively removing jagged curves and surfaces madeAfter completing the drawing, enter myaa results can be corrected...

matlab圆滑曲线及曲面程序 Matlab

bezier curve example

2015-11-08 09:32    By:copina20      View:37      Download:0

#include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <math.h> #include "bezierPoint.h" using namespace std; bezierPoint bezier(std::vector<bezierPoint>& pts, double t); double choose(double a, double b ); double factorial(double num); int main(void){ std::vect...

Algorithm C++

VC++ cubic spline interpolation and bezier curves example program

2015-11-15 09:21    By:mading      View:275      Download:6

This source code is the implementation of cubic spline interpolation algorithm  and data smoothing using  VC++ MFC.  The control point setup can be implemented on MFC interface, can choose cubic spline interpolation or bezier smoothing. Results  are displayed on GUI....

Algorithm C++


2015-09-29 06:52    By:saeed      View:28      Download:0

 To construct the cubic bezier curves C0, ..., Cn-1 in     parameter form, where Ci is represented by      (xi(t),yi(t)) = ( a0(i) + a1(i)*t + a2(i)*t^2 + a3(i)*t^3,                ...

Algorithm Fortran

Analysis of free-form surfaces using C++ code

2015-11-20 07:23    By:lyh8610      View:35      Download:1

For will measurement coordinates match to CAD coordinates, research has free surfaces detection in the was measuring surfaces and design surfaces of match method, proposed has multilevel match strategy. first March surface of rough match, makes measured surfaces and design surfaces keep roughly same...

Windows C++


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