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four step phase shifting hologram

2015-11-19 10:29    By:huiying      View:58      Download:0

Inthe on-axis hologram, the four interferograms are captured and stored in thememory. Using this information, one can reconstruct the wave function of theobjective wave. The reconstruction may be easily performed on digitalcomputers. It can be seen from this method that four interferograms arenecess...

Matlab Matlab

8 phase shift keying with matlab (.m file)

2015-07-16 02:28    By:win zeyar      View:20      Download:0

This project intents to give some ideas related with modulation for persons who interested in communication engineering. Later, I would like to upload my own matlab project related with communication on this website and i think you appreciate this uploaded file as now i am still studying communicati...

Matlab Matlab

Minimum phase shift keying, Quadrature amplitude modulation

2015-10-10 16:03    By:saifur      View:21      Download:1

Block diagram of  Minimum phase shift keying, Quadrature amplitude modulation   implemented in matlab, good simulation to all signal in different part of block diagram ...

Matlab Matlab

Correlation Interferometer direction finding algorithm matlab simulation

2015-10-29 22:26    By:AprilHao      View:90      Download:5

Procedures for matlab simulation of correlation Interferometer direction finding method. With 5 circular antenna array receiver arrays, calculating the phase difference between the two, formed the standard library, and measured by means of related signal arrival direction. Run Untitled1, enter the p...

Matlab Matlab

Code as well as article about mean-shift

2015-11-15 23:13    By:蓝冰白夜龙      View:76      Download:0

On the meanshift algorithm is the most comprehensive collection of information, compressed bag contains the mean shift algorithm for Word documents, PPT data, target tracking algorithm based on meanshift (matlab), as well as a knowledge base...

Matlab Matlab

shift Images in matlab

2015-10-28 23:41    By:coolamit      View:43      Download:0

shift Images in matlab using this simple program. The function imshift(im,nr,nc) shifts an image im by nr rows and nc columns (which can be either positive or negative). function imr=imshift(im,nr,nc) im is...

Matlab Matlab

matlab Wavelet denoising

2015-11-11 04:03    By:丸子      View:88      Download:2

Realization of translation invariant de-noising. Comprises three m-function file are: shift_left function, signal sequence circular panning to the left a bit; shift_right function, signal sequence cycle panning to the right a bit, these two functions in terms of  program implementat...

Matlab C++

Meanshift image clustering

2015-11-15 22:22    By:njwhat      View:85      Download:0

matlab training programs (meanshift image cluster) on this meanshift, can be used as target tracking, and can be used for image clustering. I've only implemented image clustering, of course, is prepared according to their own understanding of the program. As regards the target tracking is to be achi...

Matlab Matlab

matlab realization of DDS

2015-11-15 01:27    By:cp280601344      View:30      Download:0

DDS-based design and simulation of matlab A frequency synthesizer technology DDS (direct digital synthesizer) is required for the direct synthesis starting from the concept phase waveforms...

Matlab Matlab

Meanshift tracking based on visal

18 hours ago    By:冰冰12      View:63      Download:2

Meanshift by Comaniciu first put forward, is an algorithm for tracking non-rigid objects. In order to characterize the target, you first need to select a feature space. Reference objects, represented by the probability density function of q in the feature space, such as reference models you can choo...

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