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matlab speech RECOGNITION WITH LPC algo

2015-03-31 17:30    By:khallee      View:101      Download:1

This is from my speech RECOGNITION project. I was trying to use LPC algorithm. Note, this is a school project, so it ain't perfect. ...

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-28 07:49    By:sam      View:193      Download:2

Face RECOGNITION is one of the key areas under research. It has numerous of applications and uses.  Many methods and algorithms are put forward like, 3D facial RECOGNITION etc. Face RECOGNITION comes  under Biometric identification like iris, retina, finger prints etc. The feat...

Image Processing Matlab


2015-02-16 02:36    By:sido      View:42      Download:1

This program get a voice WITH matlab, then discrete that and do filtering, then get feature from that and classification WITH neural network and back propagation....

Voice Matlab


2015-03-31 23:33    By:kiran      View:143      Download:1

 Speech Verification software, or voice biometrics, is technology that relies on that fact that we all have a unique voice that identifies us. Speech verification software is most commonly used in security applications, such as gaining access to restricted areas of a building, or compu...

Windows Kernel Matlab


2015-03-19 21:24    By:sido      View:100      Download:2

This program: Record your voice for 5 seconds Play back the recording Store data in double-precision array Plot the waveform Calculate over all the frames in the sample  LPF the speech at 900 Hz to remove upper freq. (since Pitch info. will be below 900 Hz)...

Voice Matlab

Speaker RECOGNITION matlab Code

2015-03-31 09:36    By:casiopia      View:346      Download:13

Speaker RECOGNITION Documentation contains: 1. Introduction2. Previous works3. Theoretical concepts4. Algorithm5. Experimentation6. Results7. Plots and Graphs8. Accuracy values9. Future Scope10. References 1.Introduction: In the domain of Speaker RECOGNITION the selected research paper to...

Matlab Matlab

Application of KNN algorithm in statistical learning

2015-03-23 04:52    By:lzd0825      View:51      Download:3

Problem: Develop a k-NN classifier WITH EUCLIDEAN DISTANCE and simple voting Perform 5-fold cross validation, find out which k performs the best (in terms of accuracy) Use PCA to reduce the dimensionality to 6, then perform 2) again. Does PCA improve the accur...

Matlab Matlab

matlab and Excel file for data exchange

2015-03-30 21:26    By:njwhat      View:152      Download:0

General forms for Excel is a very good software, study, work and research of large amounts of data may be stored in Excel tables. Excel in matrix computation, and optimization algorithm of data fitting function is insufficient, combining Excel and matlab are effective methods for dealing WITH comple...

Matlab Matlab

KNN,K nearest neighbor classification

2015-03-24 21:20    By:njwhat      View:186      Download:1

matlab training programs (KNN,K nearest neighbor classification) k-nearest neighbor density estimation technique is a method of classification, not clustering methods. Is not the best method, popular in practice. Popular but not necessarily straightforward rules are: 1. calculation data to be disagg...

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of kernel PCA, matlab Support Vector Machine Toolbox

2015-03-26 22:22    By:sigmafang      View:118      Download:1

matlab implementation of kernel PCA, is a very basic and very important study material for a original learner.These programs are distributed WITHout any warranty, express orimplied. As these programs were written for research purposes only, theyhave not been tested to the degree that would be a...

Matlab Matlab

matlab version of the digital image processing source code

2015-03-27 06:17    By:Kean      View:236      Download:1

Original title: Digital Image Processing USING matlab Supporting source, this book is theory deals WITH image processing software practice a combination of the first book, it has integrated WITH digital image processing by Gonzalez and woods the important contents in the book and the Mat...

Matlab Matlab

Recognize toolbox matlab

2015-03-15 18:31    By:yanuar_wi      View:68      Download:0

http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/29800-scenesOBJECTs-classification-toolbox Scenes/OBJECTs Rocognition toolbox v0.12 --------------------------------------- This toolbox provides some basic tools for scenes/OBJECT RECOGNITION in vision systems. Based on supervis...

Matlab Matlab

KNN Classifier

2015-03-23 04:52    By:Emrac      View:76      Download:0

K-nn classifier matlab codes have been presented. By defining the training and testing matrices. You can classify the data into many classificatiob groups. If you have any problems about code. You can cantact me on this e-mail address: acaremo@gmail.com....

Matlab Matlab


2015-02-11 15:13    By:122811147@qq.com      View:50      Download:0

In matlab, face RECOGNITION USING PCA algorithm, divided into training and RECOGNITION phases. First train and dimension reduction operations, can then be used to identify test set...

Matlab Matlab

K-means clustering algorithm (matlab)

2015-03-31 05:21    By:njwhat      View:318      Download:5

Recent study pattern RECOGNITION and image processing, collect some matlab source code, share them, and also hope to make friends WITH common interests. K-means clustering method is divided into the following steps: first, initializing cluster centers 1, depending on the issue, based on experience f...

Matlab Matlab

Guinness matlab drawing and example demonstrates

2015-03-31 05:02    By:njwhat      View:156      Download:1

Guinness matlab drawing and example demonstrates,Powerful drawing capabilities is one of the features of matlab, matlab provides a set of drawing functions, users do not need too much considering the detail of a drawing, only need to give out some basic parameters needed to get the graphics, these f...

Matlab Matlab

matlab license plate RECOGNITION

2015-03-30 04:51    By:shucai      View:137      Download:2

matlab source from the network to a more accurate identification of the bus brands including license plate location binarization correction filtering algorithms to identify ...... filtering algorithm can learn to be improved...

Matlab Matlab

On the optimization problem of shortest path programming matlab

2015-03-30 09:31    By:njwhat      View:89      Download:2

Topic is the optimization of municipal domestic waste collection and transportation routes, the problem is: there are number of different load of garbage trucks set out from the station experienced 32 garbage collection garbage and then returned to the station. Waste matrix of DISTANCEs between poin...

Matlab Matlab

Face recogniation in matlab

2015-03-27 12:45    By:sagarcctv      View:73      Download:0

This is the face RECOGNITION code in matlab. Welcome to download and try. Thank you very much for your support!...

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of Dijkstra algorithm

2015-03-23 10:21    By:njwhat      View:178      Download:0

matlab function is very powerful, in this article, mainly introduces matlab on computer basic operation in advanced mathematics, linear algebra and matrix calculations in some basic calculations, polynomials, USING concrete examples, and specific examples of modeling and then write m file, then the...

Matlab Matlab
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