OFDM synchronization

2015-04-12 04:12    By:raedelec      View:29      Download:0

This project focused on the design and implementation of a digital software radio. Digital signal processing (DSP) was used to implement the transmitter and receiver. This allowed for greater flexibility and accuracy when designing the radio. The project is a scaled down version of th...

Matlab Matlab

MIMO OFDM BOOK source code

2015-04-16 09:35    By:dianzikeji      View:224      Download:6

MIMO and OFDM technology is B3G (LTE, and LTE-, 4G) the key physical layer technology, the book introduces the concepts and theories in the field, and simulation and verification through the matlab program. The book total points 13 chapter, respectively for: wireless channel: spread and declined, SI...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM simulation program

2015-04-03 07:04    By:xiaoxiao      View:57      Download:1

OFDM simulation program, including various QAM modulation mode, as well as a large number of simulations,  detailed analysis of the situation of different channel code A detailed description, suitable for beginners....

Matlab Matlab

UFMC-OFDM transceiver chain

2015-04-15 21:49    By:kimsj      View:60      Download:4

% ======================================================================= % matlab Script 밬FMC_OFDM___TransceiverChain.m�Terms of Use % Version: 2014-03-21 % % This matlab script was created and is made available free of charge % by Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland AG, Lorenzstra� 10, 70435 Stu...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM complete program

2015-04-15 10:35    By:KingBill      View:78      Download:1

A relatively complete OFDM Simulation and design of communication systems, including coding, modulation, IFFT , Upper and lower frequency, Gaussian channel modeling FFT , PAPR Suppression, synchronization, demodulation and decoding mode Block coding and a master simulation system design of relia...

Matlab Matlab


2015-04-16 12:20    By:zh6182      View:92      Download:3

This programs simulate the LTE system under OFDM technology. The process of precoding, Scrambling and signal generation are also investigated....

Matlab Matlab

OFDM coding

2015-04-03 09:31    By:yhua      View:26      Download:0

This code from the Internet, describes the 802.11-based OFDM send code, receive code, is a communications student reference....

Matlab Matlab

MIMO OFDM simulation

7 hours ago    By:misnow      View:125      Download:6

This project is a matlab MIMO OFDM system simulation program, contains, channel emulation, the reception of OFDM signal generation system as a whole. After debugging, you can run....

Matlab Matlab

MIMO OFDM signal to noise ratio

2015-04-14 14:02    By:啊让      View:84      Download:1

It combines a multiple-input, multiple-output ( MIMO ), By multiplying the antenna signal capacity, and Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), in a radio channel is divided into a large number of closely spaced channels to provide more reliable communications, at high speeds. 1990 mid-te...

Matlab Matlab


2015-04-16 05:44    By:ramganesh      View:42      Download:2

Hi Friends, Here I have attached matlab code for cumulative distribution function based on OFDM. ...

Matlab Matlab

Turbo Equalization Based LDPC Coded MIMO OFDM Transmission

2015-04-13 14:56    By:Ezra      View:107      Download:7

An Integrated LP Reciever Based on TE for LDPC Coded MIMO-OFDM The Proposed work tests QPSK and 16QAM for MIMO-OFDM Systems. MIMO-OFDM systems are widely being investigated due to higher data rate requirement in wireless communication. BER/FER performance of the propo...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM/Mary-QAM full version

2015-04-17 01:47    By:ketchup72      View:58      Download:3

This simulator is OFDM system.It consists of the followingparameter initialization Transmiter Generate transmit data Modulation DFT IFFT Insert Guard Interval Fading channela & Add noise Fading channel Add noise Receiver...

Matlab Matlab

Blind Subspace Based On Channel Estimation form OFDM system

2015-04-15 16:12    By:shinstar123      View:58      Download:1

The blind subspace channel estimation using the block matrix scheme is proposed for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. Based on the Toeplitz structure, the block matrix scheme collects a group of the received OFDM symbols into a vector, a...

Matlab Matlab

BPSK BER for OFDM for OFDM modulation

2015-04-17 03:23    By:ivy0410      View:91      Download:1

OFDM is a frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) scheme used as a digital multi-carrier modulation method. A large number of closely spaced orthogonal sub-carrier signals are used to carry data on several parallel data streams or channels. Each s...

Matlab Matlab

Oversampling to Reduce the Effect of Timing Jitter on High Speed OFDM Systems

2015-03-22 08:48    By:lenin      View:121      Download:0

ORTHOGONAL frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is used in many wireless broadband communication systems because it is a simple and scalable solution to inter symbol interference caused by a multipath channel. Very recently the use of OFDM in optical systems has attracted increasing interest....

Matlab Matlab

performance of mimo-OFDM

2015-04-15 22:07    By:shankar      View:57      Download:1

it is a matlab code about multiple input multiple output with orthogonal frequency domain multiplexing. it uses the receiver as zero forcing. The channel is rayleigh channel with gaussian wave. It uses 2 transmitters and 2 receiver. It uses a channel modulation as BPSK modulation. the number of symb...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM modulation and demodulation

2015-04-03 07:04    By:laura      View:41      Download:0

This is one based on OFDM modulation, in which subcarrier 16QAM, more accessibly, I see more than a day, to fully appreciate, man for OFDM, ideas clear, helps the reader a better understanding of OFDM technology...

Matlab Matlab

Simulation of the OFDM system

2015-04-09 10:10    By:yingqi      View:44      Download:0

This phenomenon is related to the source code for simulation of OFDM systems, the entire workflow can be  described in the OFDM communication system, which includes a number of modules corresponding to the  specific constellation of the modulation and demodulation techniques ma...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM modulation v72

2015-04-15 10:30    By:proxy      View:88      Download:3

In a basic communication system, the data are modulated onto a single carrier frequency. Theavailable bandwith is then totally occupied by each symbol. This kind of system can lead tointer-symbol-interference (ISI) in case of frequency selective channel.The basic idea of OFDM isto divide the availab...

Matlab Matlab

LS LMMSE ACA-LMMSE estimation for OFDM

2015-04-04 13:28    By:nogoodskam      View:62      Download:1

Channel estimation for OFDM.  In this simulation we use LS, LMMSE and ACA-LMMSE with ZF receiver to estimate OFDM fading channel....

Matlab Matlab

LS Channel Estimation OFDM

2015-04-03 11:05    By:thanhtien92to      View:46      Download:2

LS Channel Estimation OFDM, BER/EbN0_dB, MSE of LS algorithm theory and simulation...

Matlab Matlab

perfect OFDM

2015-04-14 05:01    By:shole      View:42      Download:1

This is a perfect file that tests OFDM symbols in different  channel models and different modulation index...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM source code

2015-04-13 12:47    By:zw772154136      View:75      Download:3

This is a full source code for OFDM, very good stuff worth learning....

Matlab C++

MIMO_OFDM channel estmation

2015-04-17 04:35    By:mylove_bluebread      View:49      Download:2

OFDM signal simulation in a multi-antenna. In the program, set the number of antennas is 2 * 2, can modify their own. Channel selection is Rayleigh fading channels, the figure shows a comparison can not add channel estimation and add channel BER estimate after. Run...

Matlab Matlab

Modulation of OFDM bit error rate analysis can be used for different situations

2015-04-09 06:52    By:zby1990326      View:42      Download:0

This is a simulation of OFDM bit error rate code, can be achieved by simply changing the code under different modulation error rate simulation, simulation of cyclic prefix and method of use...

Matlab Matlab

channel estimation for MIMO OFDM

2015-04-16 09:09    By:shole      View:128      Download:3

In this m.file a 2*2 mimo-OFDM system is evaluated.estimation of the channel based on mean square error is calculated....

Matlab Matlab

OFDM simulation

2015-03-19 20:49    By:kavi      View:31      Download:0

The program gives the simulation of OFDM system using Comb pilot signal.The program starts with the generation of random binary numbers as source. then, bpsk modulation is done.A channel vector is generated using rand function. the bpsk symbols are transmitted through this channel.at the receiver, t...

Matlab Matlab


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