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matlab code for Genetic algorithms

8 hours ago    By:misnow      View:66      Download:0

matlab code for Genetic algorithms complete and running correctly...

Algorithm Matlab

Content-baised image retrieval matlab code

59 minutes ago    By:daisy_tina      View:288      Download:0

This is a matlab code for content retrieval based on colour histogram image, using color histogram to match yielded similar degrees of generosity, to find the gallery and his similar pictures...

Matlab Matlab


53 minutes ago    By:allenzhang      View:160      Download:3

this code is for matlab simulation of cognitive femtocells, including the path loss computing, interference computing and cognitive femtocell's power allocation and so on....

Matlab Matlab

Random Waypoint Model matlab code

59 minutes ago    By:sbahk2010      View:103      Download:0

The Random Waypoint Mobility Model includes pause times between changes in direction and/or speed . A mobile node(MN) begins by staying in one location for a certain period of time (i.e., a pause time). Once this time expires, the MN chooses a random destination in the simulation area and a speed th...

Matlab Matlab

Finite difference method for solving Poisson's equation matlab code

1 hours ago    By:e_eagle      View:574      Download:2

This example using finite-difference method for solving Poisson's equation using SOR overrelaxation iterative method. Model square area, divide the number of grids for 11*11, the grid can easily be changed....

Matlab Matlab

matlab codes for GUI

5 hours ago    By:naeemo2      View:183      Download:0

this matlab codes show the GUI matlab codes for learnning the basic design og systems using graphical interfacing techniques of matlab programming method...

GUI Matlab

hsi pca fuse matlab code

11 hours ago    By:xxhhzhw      View:94      Download:0

matlab code for image fusion, containing two methods: hsi and pca. Hsi transform and PCA transform codes in more detail, and they are used for fusion of the two pictures, the effect is very good....

Image Processing Matlab

hi matlab code and documentation

2014-11-23 20:06    By:karthi      View:23      Download:0

here me attached matlab code for clustering and classification algorithm like sfca ,fcm and more...

Matlab Matlab

matlab code FOR PV ARRAY

4 hours ago    By:sebb_t      View:82      Download:0

This is a matlab code that simulate a PV array. Using this code you can have the different caracteristics of a pv array such as I - V and P - V from these characteristics you can observe the values of the short circuit current and the open circuit voltages...

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of Dijkstra algorithm

13 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:109      Download:0

matlab function is very powerful, in this article, mainly introduces matlab on computer basic operation in advanced mathematics, linear algebra and matrix calculations in some basic calculations, polynomials, using concrete examples, and specific examples of modeling and then write m file, then the...

Matlab Matlab

Kalman filter matlab code

2 hours ago    By:c345184329lin      View:73      Download:2

matlab code Kalman filtering target tracking....

Algorithm Matlab

JPEG2000 coder and decoder, which are written in matlab code

2014-11-23 13:46    By:HHH007      View:142      Download:0

JPEG2000 coder and decoder, which are written in matlab code. This code can help you to do simulations in matlab. You can easily include this code in your simulation, i.e., do simulation on image or video transmission. You can also modified this code according to your requirement. Furthermore, based...

Matlab Matlab

code EXCITED LINEAR PREDICTION codeR - matlab code

8 hours ago    By:speech123      View:45      Download:0

This is the matlab code for CELP algorithm. codebook Excited Linear Prediction (CELP) is oneof the most widely used class of speech coders which is based on the concept ofLinear Prediction Coding....

Matlab Matlab

[Source code] [Original] QR Decomposition based on Householder transformation matlab code

11 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:111      Download:1

&Nbsp matlab code QR Decomposition based on Householder transformation, and made up, I hope to help you...

Matlab Matlab

RANSAC with matlab code

8 hours ago    By:ljttianqin      View:72      Download:1

matlab code for RANSAC, achieving routine could contribute to better understanding and applying RANSAC to  achieve removal of image matching error in point. Still very, very good....

Matlab Matlab

Super resolution can run matlab code

7 hours ago    By:小菜儿      View:60      Download:0

Super resolution image reconstruction algorithm based on matlab, single image Super-resolution algorithm function is called internally by the c language and matlab compiler invocation, the perfect realization of single image Super-resolution algorithm...

Matlab Matlab

The genetic algorithms for pattern recognition source matlab code with dataset

8 hours ago    By:iman      View:187      Download:0

The genetic algorithms for pattern recognition source matlab code with dataset. In this code, we use genetic algorithms for classification and pattern recognition....

Matlab Matlab

Adaboost face detection matlab code

5 hours ago    By:the.game.saad      View:198      Download:0

This is a simple matlab code using a simple technique known as Adaboost Technique to detect faces in video. This code can also be used to understand this algorithm easily if u have some problems in understanding it by reading research journals...

Matlab Matlab

Grey forecast and cluster analysis of the program matlab code

2014-11-20 05:49    By:njwhat      View:19      Download:0

matlab for gray prediction and cluster analysis program code, the program can run the correct result, I hope all of you have helped....

Algorithm Matlab

matlab code for finite element code calculation

3 hours ago    By:buger      View:85      Download:0

Researchers use computational mathematics matlab source code Finite element computation matlab code Almost contains all Finite element Issues, source code and description, code detail of each module, English description of the specification, you can easily start...

Matlab Matlab
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