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PCA Based face recognition System using ORL Database

2015-03-29 08:30    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:254      Download:3

This package implements a well-known PCA-based face recognition method, which is called 'Eigenface'. The program is easy to use. Furthermore, a sample Project file 'ProjectPCA.m' is added that demonstrate how to use, ORL training and test database is also included to show Performance comparison for...

Matlab Matlab

PCA+svm face recognition systems using matlab

2015-03-25 23:29    By:嘻哈啦啦啦啦      View:192      Download:10

matlab PCA+svm face recognition systems, dimensionality reduction using PCA, classification using svm, recognition rate is good. Codes were debugged and passed....

Matlab Matlab

face recognition using matlab

2015-03-28 07:49    By:sam      View:193      Download:2

face recognition is one of the key areas under research. It has numerous of applications and uses.  Many methods and algorithms are put forward like, 3D facial recognition etc. face recognition comes  under Biometric identification like iris, retina, finger prints etc. The feat...

Image Processing Matlab

face recognition + PCA + svm

2015-03-23 07:12    By:Alaa       View:47      Download:2

A novel approach for solving face recognition problem. Our method combines 2D Principal Component Analysis  (2DPCA), one of the prominent methods for extracting feature vectors, and Support Vector Machine (svm), the  most powerful discriminative method for classi...

Matlab Matlab

A new Support Vector Machine(svm) machine based face recognition system

2015-03-29 22:59    By:msm      View:141      Download:4

This method presents a face recognition algorithm by using Gabor wavelet transform for facial features extraction and Support Vector Machines (svm) for face recognition, Gabor wavelets coefficients are used to represent local facial features. The implementations of  algorithm are...

Matlab Matlab

face recognition using PCA

2015-02-11 15:13    By:122811147@qq.com      View:50      Download:0

In matlab, face recognition using PCA algorithm, divided into training and recognition phases. First train and dimension reduction operations, can then be used to identify test set...

Matlab Matlab

matlab simulation for face recognition

2015-03-09 11:16    By:senthil      View:44      Download:1

face recognition is one of biometric methods, to identify given face image using  main features of face. In this paper, a neural based algorithm is presented, to  detect frontal views of faces. The dimensionality of face image is reduced by the  Principal component analysis (PCA...

Matlab Matlab

"Graduation thesis" design and simulation of matlab-based face recognition system

2015-03-22 21:30    By:Cookiezi      View:172      Download:0

This paper introduces application in human face recognition matlab Image preprocessing, applies the classical image processing Toolbox image , Applied examples matlab Image processing functions, for a particular face image processing, applied to the face recognition system. This in summary analysis...

Matlab Matlab

svm classification code written using matlab

2015-03-26 07:09    By:凌凌风情      View:245      Download:6

svm source code using matlab, can be used for data feature extraction and classification. using svm function, data type and parameters can be modified as per your requirement. ...

Matlab Matlab

matlab face detection: elliptical model and Gauss model

2015-03-09 10:54    By:blueforest      View:72      Download:5

对 YCbCr Elliptical model of the color space experiments and compare Gaussian model, Gaussian color model of skin area more complete and clear ellipse skin model for colour picture interference error in area and has a larger noise. Gaussian model extraction results than elliptical model of an ideal...

Matlab Matlab

Vehicle number plate recognition using svm algorithm

2015-03-28 01:56    By:pdlyptmt      View:78      Download:0

functionvarargout = DA2(varargin) % DA2 M-file for DA2.fig %      DA2, by itself, creates a new DA2 or raises the existing %      singleton*. % %      H = DA2 returns the handle to a new D...

Matlab Matlab

matlab speech recognition with LPC algo

6 hours ago    By:khallee      View:101      Download:1

This is from my speech recognition project. I was trying to use LPC algorithm. Note, this is a school project, so it ain't perfect. ...

Matlab Matlab

matlab 2DLDA algorithm for face recognition

18 hours ago    By:pizza      View:64      Download:2

Example: demo CreatData: generate data CreatTrainLabelMat: generate data labels LDA: extract fisherface Knnrecognition:knn classifier Knnsearch:knn search...

Matlab Matlab

Two-dimensional principal component analysis written in matlab code for face recognition

2015-03-11 00:28    By:喵喵      View:185      Download:3

Two dimension main ingredients analysis method is General of for down dimension of method, also became K-L transform, can for people face recognition in the features extraction, because with matrix to expressed people face image, numerical compared big, handling enough convenient, so two dimension m...

Matlab Matlab

matlab face detection

2015-03-09 10:54    By:ANDRE123      View:43      Download:1

matlab face detection Content is too short. Attention please: Codes without good description will be deleted and you won't get any points. Please describe it better to get more points....

Matlab Matlab

Feature matrix of face recognition matlab source code

2015-03-16 01:01    By:zyqdragon      View:53      Download:1

using face recognition feature matrix method matlab source code. Contains pictures and a test picture. Picture naming and named in the matlab code corresponds to. To extract the compressed files can be run directly after the source code....

Image Processing Matlab
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