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two-wheels balancing robot controller using LQR method

2014-12-20 16:51    By:liqianshu      View:74      Download:1

LQR control method to achieve the balancing robot balancing effect analysis of Q-value to determine   best contribute to the k-value. Requires three angle control for balancing robot, robot body angle, wheel forward, horizontally transmitted and control end through the three corners to achieve...

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Data hiding with encrytion using lsb steganography

6 hours ago    By:thiru      View:146      Download:2

In this data is a image which i am to hide the image over the other image .if any third party know the information image we can easily get the hidden for that i am goning to encryt the hide image if any attracter try to see the hide image the want the key for it so it more secure then the general ls...

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matlab QR decoding

2014-12-05 07:28    By:skynku      View:40      Download:0

QR decoding matlab, please discuss progress...

Matlab Matlab

The realization of Neural network in matlab(full version)

2014-12-14 10:12    By:Youngxyh      View:58      Download:1

The realization of Neural network in matlab (full version), which contains the neural network simulation, forecasting,  and matlab code, easy to operate, with comments....

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matlab realization of QPSK modulation, using two phase selection method and I/Q method of adding two-

2014-12-21 07:47    By:hepanfeng01      View:221      Download:0

matlab realization of QPSK modulation, respectively for phase selection method and I Q quadrature modulation phase  two road realize QPSK modulation, QPSK modulation of the power spectral density is given....

Communication Matlab

Improved algorithm of lsb

2014-12-12 12:25    By:buendia      View:187      Download:1

Use matlab to write lsb algorithm based on the least significant bit, including hiding and extracting, experimenting with using Lena as the sample pictures, and add to hide information, finally succeeded in extracting algorithm of extracting hidden information....

Matlab Matlab

To understand the fundamentals of economic dispatch and solve the problem using classical method with and without line losses.

2014-12-21 09:22    By:chiku      View:175      Download:0

To understand the fundamentals of economic dispatch and solve the problem using classical method with and without line losses. SOFTWARE REQUIRED:  matlab 5.3 THEORY: Mathematical Model for Economic Dispatch of Thermal Units Without Transmission Loss: Statement of Econ...

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kmens matlab

2014-12-19 21:43    By:turn123      View:41      Download:1

matlab kmeans clustering algorithm source program,(1) the suitable selection of the initial Centre of c class;(2) in subsection k iterations, for any one sample, get to c the Space Center, will be returned to the center of the shortest distance of the sample classes;(3) using mean method to update t...

Matlab Matlab

In matlab language construct Bayesian classifier

2014-12-20 12:46    By:莲叶tiantian      View:100      Download:1

using matlab language construct Bayesian classifier, Bayesian classifier is indeed under conditions of complete knowledge of statistics with a pattern, according to the Bayesian theory strategy designed an optimal classifier. Classifier for each input pattern is assigned a category name software or...

Matlab Matlab

Image matching based on matlab code

7 hours ago    By:yang      View:234      Download:2

Image recognition and its application in a more and more important in today's society, how to find the two images have the same name, or is the premise of feature points for image matching, and a very important step, this article contains pictures and matlab source code gives an image matching metho...

Matlab Matlab

Practical matlab source code

5 hours ago    By:mexwell      View:380      Download:1

The following is the source code matlab matlab practical utility source code  matlab7.x image processing  ch2_1_1: histogram (§2.1.3)  ch2_2_1: display images (§2.2.2)  ch2_3_1: Add a color bar (§2.3.1)  ch2_3_2: a single frame of the image display (§2.3.2)  c...

Matlab Matlab

K-means clustering algorithm (matlab)

1 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:256      Download:3

Recent study pattern recognition and image processing, collect some matlab source code, share them, and also hope to make friends with common interests. K-means clustering method is divided into the following steps: first, initializing cluster centers 1, depending on the issue, based on experience f...

Matlab Matlab

Common data standardization method and matlab program realization

2014-12-17 02:25    By:njwhat      View:106      Download:0

Common data standardization method and matlab program realization, in comprehensive evaluation of multiple attributes, in order to eliminate the problem of dimensional differences index incommensurable, often original evaluation matrix needs to be standardized, transformed by different dimension int...

Matlab Matlab

Preparation method and application of matlab function

6 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:419      Download:0

Preparation method and application of matlab function  ,  called matlab programs generally fall into two categories: m script file (M-Script) and m-functions (M-function), which is an ordinary ASCII code files that make up the. M script file contains a statement supported by matlab languag...

Matlab Matlab

The matlab numerical computation analysis of program source code

4 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:230      Download:0

"matlab numerical case analysis" source code, "matlab numerical case analysis" to numerical analysis theory the main line to matlab in numerical analysis as the main content, based on the principles described algorithms and numerical analysis on the basic idea, focuses on explain...

Matlab Matlab

Turbo coding matlab simulation program

2014-12-20 14:21    By:d2j2k2      View:86      Download:1

This is a matlab simulation of Turbo Code, the 3GPP standard, Wu Yufei essay and simulation programs...

Matlab Matlab

matlab tutorial

2014-12-20 16:45    By:revathybaskaran      View:92      Download:1

For students : matlab beginners.. Electronics and circuit analysis using matlab for students.. ...

Matlab Matlab

matlab implementation of Dijkstra algorithm

2014-12-21 11:28    By:njwhat      View:150      Download:0

matlab function is very powerful, in this article, mainly introduces matlab on computer basic operation in advanced mathematics, linear algebra and matrix calculations in some basic calculations, polynomials, using concrete examples, and specific examples of modeling and then write m file, then the...

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