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maximum likelihood estimation

2015-03-24 21:29    By:njwhat      View:126      Download:0

maximum like ran method (maximum likelihood,ML) also called most probably like estimated, also called great like ran estimated, is a has theoretical of points estimated method, this method of basic thought is: Dang from model General random extraction n Group sample observation value Hou, most reaso...

Matlab Matlab

maximum-likelihood estimation (MLE) method In statistics

2015-03-23 03:12    By:dinocdm      View:30      Download:0

In statistics, maximum-likelihood estimation (MLE) is a method of estimating the parameters of a statistical model. When applied to a data set and given a statistical model, maximum-likelihood estimation provides estimates for the model's parameters...

book Delphi

head pose estimation

2015-03-24 05:47    By:xiaoyuer      View:36      Download:1

The program realizes the human head pose estimation, users can find select pictures, programs can be based on different kinds of picture positioning head and head drawn in the program, program to understand, for IT people started learning and research. After a lot of experiments, programs can run MA...

Algorithm Matlab

Mixing matrix estimation in instantaneous blind source separation

2015-03-16 20:47    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:320      Download:2

This program will estimate the single source points present in the instantaneous mixtures and using the estimated single source points the mixing matrix will be estimated. Then the error in mixing matrix estimation and the latest estimated mixing matrix will be returned. Here the hierarchical clu...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM channel estimation

2015-03-25 01:32    By:liuxingyu_best      View:66      Download:2

CFO(carrier frequency offset) and channel estimation in 802.11 system. The algorithm use the subspace based approach to estimate the CFO....

Algorithm Matlab

Optimal State estimation (code)

2015-03-26 22:49    By:zuzhengsi      View:26      Download:0

The Optimal State estimation of source-books, covering almost all common filtering algorithms, such as Kalman filtering, extended Kalman filtering and Unscented Kalman filter and particle filtering and so on.  ...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM channel estimation procedures

2015-03-25 21:18    By:清风绿叶ji      View:66      Download:2

OFDM channel estimation source code, and pilot insertion, signals, LS,LMMS! Series-parallel transformation, QPSK tune, add training signal, analog, channel sinks...

Communication Matlab

maximum entropy

2015-02-19 11:41    By:kingulight      View:35      Download:0

Yet Another Small MaxEnt Toolkit: YASMET This is a tiny toolkit for performing training of maximum entropy models. It is a generic toolkit, which is applicable to conditional maximum entropy models. A special feature of this program is that it is written only in 132 lines of code (can be print...

Linux programming C++

H264 motion estimation in VHDL

2015-03-21 13:37    By:wzh27      View:91      Download:2

H264 estimation algorithms, VHDL description, detailed Readme document from github. FPGA and SOC can have a try....

Algorithm VHDL

Algorithm of maximum Variance Unfolding dimension

2015-01-28 21:51    By:ycj0901      View:59      Download:2

Classical dimension reduction in manifold learning algorithm maximum Variance Unfolding Original point of distance and dimension reduction of high dimensional space equidistant points on the low-dimensional space Maximizing variance...

Graph Matlab

Lucas_Kanade Motion estimation

2015-03-19 22:02    By:shzhy13      View:54      Download:0

A motion estimation calculations of MATLAB files, I have been tested, it's great!...

Image Processing Matlab

Empirical orthogonal function (PCA) estimation for EEG time series

2015-03-08 04:38    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:175      Download:0

This source contains the empirical orthogonal functional analysis (EOF) calculation for an individual or population of EEG power spectrum multivariate time series. The zip file contains several versions of the code useful for different contexts, including code that returns only the first EOF versus...

Matlab Matlab

Progressive Search Space Reduction for Human Pose estimation

2015-03-06 01:45    By:liangchengwu12      View:26      Download:0

articulated_human_pose_estimation_code/ Related Publications [1] Ferrari, V., Marin-Jimenez, M. and Zisserman, A. Progressive Search Space Reduction for Human Pose estimation Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (2008)  Bibtex source | Abstract |...

Image Editing Matlab


2015-03-26 06:53    By:shmm91      View:71      Download:1

This paper (and accompanying MATLAB source code) is a review of the block matching algorithms used for motion estimation in video compression. It implements and compares 7 different types of block matching algorithms that range from the very basic Exhaustive Search to the recent fast adaptive algori...

Matlab Matlab

Joint Channel and DOA estimation for Multicarrier CDMA Uplink Transmissions

2015-01-18 06:33    By:yoyuli      View:102      Download:0

The use of antenna arrays in wireless communications makes it possible to estimate the directions of arrival (DOAs) of impinging waveforms. The latter can be exploited to enhance channel estimation accuracy or as an input for advanced mobile positioning systems. In this paper, we consider the up...

Communication PDF

Classical spectral estimation

2014-11-24 07:25    By:w181963216      View:10      Download:0

Source code implements the classical spectral estimation, the periodogram estimation, spectral estimation of BT,  averaged periodogram estimation...

Algorithm Visual C++

software cost estimation

2014-12-06 11:49    By:vikas      View:10      Download:0

Initial stage of cost estimation is very importantbecause accuracy of software cost estimation depends on amount of reliableinformation available to the estimator, project completed within time andbudget. The software estimation process includes estimating the size and effortrequired of the software...

Algorithm C#

Blind Subspace Based On Channel estimation form OFDM system

2015-03-23 05:54    By:shinstar123      View:57      Download:1

The blind subspace channel estimation using the block matrix scheme is proposed for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. Based on the Toeplitz structure, the block matrix scheme collects a group of the received OFDM symbols into a vector, a...

Matlab Matlab
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