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chatRoom chat program

2015-11-14 22:35    By:flyheart      View:106      Download:2

An mfc-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication; an mfc-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication;...

chat Visual C++

UDP/TCP chatROOM mfc

2015-11-25 18:57    By:acdsccg      View:96      Download:0

With VC++mfc achieved of Visual of chat tools, main with has UDP agreement and TCP agreement, is divided into client and server, through test, can in LAN in for communications, is cannot across network, hope to you useful..................................................................................

chat Visual C++

mfc,point cloud ,PCL

2015-11-26 06:26    By:lwngreat      View:245      Download:11

mfc, point cloud, PCL, use PCL point cloud make surface, use C++ to change surface, can usePCL function conveniently. ...


mfcC extraction code

2015-11-25 07:54    By:yinger_1978      View:150      Download:4

Speech Recognition is very important characteristic parameter extraction of speech, mfcC parameters both easy to store, and consistent with human auditory habits, current speech recognition process is widely used, the code is the simulation matlab code, complete and efficient extraction capabilities...

Matlab Matlab

chat history recording modules (mfc)

2014-12-16 05:12    By:lilynet1210      View:24      Download:0

mfc-based preparation is similar to the QQ chat module, including database read and write, and module UI development...

Windows C++


2015-06-27 07:33    By:dongleivip      View:40      Download:0

Read Obj object into the mfc files, you can rotate the object, or change the lighting procedure. Obj object to the mfc read the file, you can rotate the object or change the lighting process....

Image Processing C++

mfc-based snake game

2015-10-20 08:24    By:shirdey      View:82      Download:1

mfc-based snake game, good use of mfc drawing principles, using a double buffering mechanism preventing flashing interface refresh problem...

Image Processing C++

mfc electronic clock

2015-05-11 12:55    By:tona886      View:55      Download:0

Written by VC6.0 mfc clock, the most simple mfc program. Adding a timer is the key, and destroy the timer. mfc digital clock key is create a timer, the time information is passed to the static control in space and time on information. Remember to destroy the timer when the program exits....

Windows C++

On the scaling of the coordinates of mfc program

2015-05-10 00:45    By:yaomingok      View:58      Download:0

This is a mfc program, which implements the view's zoom feature. We want to help. This is a mfc program, which implements the view's zoom feature. We want to help. This is a mfc program, which implements the view's zoom feature. We want to help. This is a mfc program, which implements the view's zoo...



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