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mfc,point cloud ,PCL

mfc, point cloud, PCL, use PCL point cloud make surface, use C++ to change surface, can usePCL function conveniently. ...

mfcC classic codes

mfcC, most comprehensive, non-circulating on the Internet, first to enter data window framing, for every frame of the speech, SFFT, seek a power spectrum, send Mel filterbanks, after logarithmic transformation, DCT transformation to achieve the ultimate in compression mfcC feature parameters...

mfc status bar uses RGB image color value extraction C++ source code

Based on VC6.0 environment, using mfc single document application, practice usage status bar.Move the mouse to display color images at the pixel RGB values and coordinate values in the status bar...

chatRoom chat program

An mfc-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication; an mfc-based chat program, simultaneous two-way communication;...

mfc Windows program design (2nd Edition) revised version source code

mfc Windows program design (2nd Edition) revised version source code.  This is the source code of the 12th chapter....

mfc HID communications

mfc HID communications program, the main achievement of the HID device detects and displays its parameters and associated configuration information, interactive communications with the host!...

mfc owner-draw controls static can change the background color, font, and other

mfc owner-draw controls static and can change the background color, font, and other...

mfc serial port programming example (20)

mfc serial port programming example, a total of 20 instances, MScom control based programming, and serial programming based on windowsAPI, provides a complete serial port class that can be used directly, with complete source code to serial debugging assistant, has learning value....

mfcC extraction code

Speech Recognition is very important characteristic parameter extraction of speech, mfcC parameters both easy to store, and consistent with human auditory habits, current speech recognition process is widely used, the code is the simulation matlab code, complete and efficient extraction capabilities...

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