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openGL source-the little red book

openGL source-the little red book: the little red book have also updated seventh edition, contains both fixed lines also have programmable rendering pipeline. open GL Programming Guide (formerly the 7th Edition) on openGL and the openGL utility library is described in comprehensive and authoritativ...

2013-10-31 01:01

opengl source code - Load a 3D face of a human from a file and display the face.

Using the template file 1. Load a 3D face of a human from a file and display the face.  The structure of the file is as follows: The number of vertices Coordinates of vertices The number of polygon indexes of vertices of polygons 2. Implement pitch, roll and yaw of the ca...

openSCAD source

Designed for creative Web developers, openSCAD is a good software to create stereoscopic 3D CAD objects. Unlike most wear a 3D model of free software, it does not focus on arts and 3D modeling CAD....

openGL 3D model load

Model implemented using openGL is loaded. openGL + C++ 3-dimensional model of the load, and display the loaded result...

openGl sample programs

VC6.0++ and written in openGl-based 3D graphics display cases, and experience help beginners learn openGL! Project complete, run!...

openGL tutorial

source code compile with CMAKE. Altogether 18 programs, divided into program code and shader code, each run separately. In the playground, you can write your own openGL program....

2014-10-06 02:37

openGL Draw 3D instrument

Draw 3D using openGL and MFC instrument, by "option to set the instruments parameters->" you can set the  starting and ending point of the instrument dial scale, scale,Min/max value, unit and the meter pointer indicates the value of the current Press the left arrow and arrow ke...

openGL car models source code

openGL source car model, suitable for novices to learn, code is easy to understand...

2014-10-12 08:15

openCV source code

Includes play AVI video files, open the camera, camera photos and save in a row, sandwiched between an image, reads any pixel values in the image, turn on the camera to record a video and save...

openGL rendering image elements

This is what I wrote an openGL program to achieve the basic image elements to draw points, lines, surfaces, etc., can be controlled via the keyboard. Function is simple and clear, easy to understand the source code, suitable for beginners openGL for viewing....

2014-11-02 07:28
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