Crazyfile four-axle codes

2015-04-14 07:53    By:bahanzo1      View:114      Download:3

Full  crazyfile  code,  contains four shaft drive and the whole four-axis attitude calculation algorithm .                              &nbs...

Driver Development C

filezilla source

2015-03-01 12:19    By:ic4tnt      View:31      Download:0

filezilla open-source FTP client fileZilla is a free, open source software, and is divided into client and server versions, with all FTP software features. Controllability, well-organized interface and simplified way to manage multi-site FTP client filezilla client version to be a convenient and eff...


filedisk source

2015-02-03 07:09    By:linxaix      View:37      Download:0

fileDisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows that uses one or more files to emulate physical disks. A console application is included that let you dynamically mount and unmount files. An example of use for this driver is if you have made plans spending the weekend writing an RAID driver for NT but...

Windows Kernel C

fileTest engineering

2014-11-19 20:34    By:cyanmoonlight      View:33      Download:0

file read and write, edge detection algorithm, achieving mosaic test , video image mosaic detection algorithm based on grid expansion, simple test project, read or write files. To share....

Windows C++


2015-03-14 10:11    By:helmimukti      View:54      Download:2

<!-- Article Starts --> This article demonstrate how to write an ASCII DXF files. A DXF file is a file composed of sections and associated values. They are read by AutoCad and then converted to a drawing. I have developped a class CDxf to write a DXF file from an application. Then...

Windows C++

crimefile system

2015-02-03 02:33    By:Mahesh      View:29      Download:0

System analysis is a process of gathering and interpreting facts, diagnosing problems and the information to  recommend improvements on the system. It is a problem solving activity that requires intensive communication  between the system users and system developers. System ana...

Windows VB

filePicker (get to pick up file)

2014-11-19 20:09    By:Kym81      View:16      Download:0

filePicker get to pickup file by extension from SD card. Now array for extension filter : private static final String [] FTYPE = {"aac", "ac3", "amf", "amr", "ape", "au", "flac", "mp1", "mp2", "mp3",  "mpa", "ogg", "pcm", "ram", "wav", "wma"};...

Android Java

StL Data file Viewer

2015-04-01 23:51    By:dyltj      View:57      Download:0

StereoLithography(StL) is something that is widely used in CAD/CAM, RapidPrototyping etc. The concept is that any surface or solid is exported to StL format by data exchange packages after they are modeled in commercial CAD packages. This data consists of triangulated facets that approximate the sur...

Image Processing Visual C++

Tcl script to generate graph taking two parameter files as input .

2015-04-14 10:02    By:192      View:304      Download:1

X, Y coordinates points for the graph is generated randomly and put it in a trace file. The trace file is given as input file to xgraph to plot the graph. Here two trace files are plotted in the single graph. Point of each trace file will be differentiated in color....

Communication Tcl/Tk

Read JSON movie file and query movie ratings from TMDb

2013-10-20 11:19    By:TimDa      View:5      Download:0

The php script decodes a JSON file containing movies from the BBC  inpayer and queries fro movie ratings from the TMDb using a TMDb API which is attached .The movies and corresponding ratings are displayed on a web browser. One needs to sign up with the TMDb to get a key...

Web Browser PHP

Course design for c++-simple file encryption and decryption

2014-12-21 11:09    By:igoofrit      View:33      Download:0

Course design for c++ jobs, simple encryption of files, is very simple, mainly each exclusive-or with the next speaker, exclusive or the last one and the first to provide encryption and decryption, could serve as a reference for curriculum design....

c++课程设计 C++

stm32f103ve_V3.5_file system_ffs9 source code_mdk

2015-03-17 12:26    By:kyle_sy      View:61      Download:0

A ff9 file system transplant to stm32f103 with V3.5  firmware library source code. THe project is built in MDK....

Embeded C

Tôi đang gặp vấn đề liên quan đến encryption.Decryption sử dụng thuật toán mã hóa DES

2015-04-17 04:31    By:vuquangbk0612      View:548      Download:1

Mình đang gặp khó khăn phần tạo key cho giải thuật mã hóa sử dụng DES. Minh cần source code C, bạn nào có mong cho mình tham khảo. Làm ơn gửi vào địa chỉ sau giúp mình:

Crypt_Decrypt algrithms C

Utility to search text files that are duplicated

2014-11-18 21:41    By:elaija7      View:18      Download:0

When you run the program before the user opens the main window that contains a field for entering the required directory to find duplicate text files.  There is also a button that when clicked, you can select the directory from the directory tree.  Then the user can choose the option which...

File Formats C#

makefile for sdcc in 8051

2014-11-19 07:10    By:sobo      View:23      Download:0

#GNU Makefile using SDCC ######################################################################## # GNU Makefile demonstrating combination of C and assembly source files # file Name: makefile # All targets in the makefile are processed sequentially by SDCC # To create the filefile.hex’ us...

File C

file explorer with copy and paste function using Microsoft Visual Studio C#

2014-12-18 02:46    By:superwayne      View:218      Download:0

The code is to create a simple file explorer GUI using Microsoft Visual Studio. The file explorer uses the inherent classes of Visual studio, and performs simple file management operations such as copy, paste, rename and delete functions....

File C#

Distribute files

2014-12-12 11:36    By:incoma      View:11      Download:0

Copies a source file to predefined list of destinations. Mapped or UNC network paths. Optional Version Checking. Multiple Projects Very Useful, if you need to copy files to specific places on a regular basis, no more copy-browse-paste,Copy-browse-paste. Uses ADO, API API to show the Windows...

File Formats VB


2015-01-07 23:52    By:sky19      View:66      Download:1

Supercopier 3 is like the normal version. It's just here to support the development of this software. Try before if the free version is good for you before buy. No money back.Supercopier in all version is shipped without warranty (0% of warranty). Only the stable version hav...

File Delphi

fileMon Source Code In C++

2014-12-30 05:48    By:aabbas77      View:18      Download:0

file Monitoring Source Code For win9x,win NT,win EXP.This code is useful for API Monitoring Learning and Development.You Can Use it as first API Monitoring Project Because it use the simplest method to do that....

File C++

Dos version of merge file split

2015-03-07 08:28    By:sdfzzxyyf      View:26      Download:0

This program can be file-split merge, file in any format can be split into a set of size and arbitrary format files can be merged into the original document. Segmentation procedures, written after the address for segmentation and segmentation documents store addresses and file split size, segmentat...

File C++

Copy file with progress

2015-03-23 12:24    By:bodong521521      View:21      Download:0

Copy file, displays a progress bar of the source code....

File Formats C++

Convert *.img ASC code files

2014-11-28 20:09    By:chinatan      View:13      Download:0

This program complete the *.img file read, write ASC files, programs based on a VS2010,AE10.1 platform. Procedure has been debugged, in packages, there are detailed descriptions of data structures also have laboratory guidance document. Code may refer to...

File Formats C#

file Locking

2014-11-18 17:38    By:hani55      View:9      Download:0

This Is a simulater basically Developed in C# language in which We make a two file system 1is that  file merging in which two users at a same time merge their files and 2 is that file locking in which at a time only one user merge their file and second user will be locked...

File C#


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